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Zeman is solidary with Hungary in opposition to policy of the European Union - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

PRAGUE, 20 Sep – RIA Novosti. The Czech president Milos Zeman, acting in the evening on Thursday on TVBarrandov, I have declared the solidarity with Hungary concerning which policy the European Parliament has adopted the condemning resolution.© of AFP 2018/Ferenc Isza Split of Europe a week ago. Will for the first time punish for "destruction of democracy" whole a stranun to the last week deputies of EP have adopted the resolution in which they have announced threat of withdrawal of Hungary from democratic principles of the EU and recommended to the EU Council to estimate risk of violation of terms of the contract by Hungary about the EU with a possibility of acceptance of the appropriate measures. 448 deputies have voted for the resolution, against there were 197, 48 people have refrained. Among those who have approved the document there were also many eurodeputies from the Czech Republic. "The European Commission calls us for solidarity all the time. Well, I will show her: I am solidary with Hungary. Because she opposes to pressure put upon her and also because it concerns not only Hungary, but also both Poland, and Slovakia and, eventually, and the Czech Republic. A question only in the one who the following will be in this turn" — Zeman has told. Listing the charges which are put forward from bodies of the EU to Budapest, the Czech president called, in particular, statements that the Constitutional Court (CC) of Hungary has no accurately established periods on hearing of cases or about intervention of the government in the questions entering competence of the courts. "Well, and the Czech KS has no terms for hearing of cases! Or I, for example, appoint each 3 months about 30 new judges and potentially I have an opportunity to interfere with this process, refusing to approve someone's candidacies. Moreover, I, apparently, in two cases, and have arrived" — Zeman has told. According to the president, it is about anything other, as about "pure policy". "Of course, for the benefit of the Czech Republic to oppose this pressure, otherwise it can comprehend also it" — Zeman.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky has emphasized to Pass into an image bank Americans predict split of the EU. And the Old World him already видитОн has also noted that important role which is played in a present situation by close cooperation of the neighboring Central European countries within informal association — the Above-town four (the Czech Republic, Poland. Slovakia and Hungary – V4). "Because only thanks to efforts of the V4 group it was succeeded to destroy this ugly idea about quotas on obligatory distribution of illegal refugees on EU countries. Germany which the invitation to itself migrants, including Syrian, and has caused migration crisis departs from this idea even today. Now some politicians would like to disorganize the V4 group, and I, on the contrary, would like to strengthen it because new hard political battles ahead are coming" — the Czech president has told.



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