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Wives believe in innocence of the Russians arrested on a sex training in Thailand - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

PATTAYA (Thailand), 2 Sep – RIA Novosti, Evgeny Belenky. Wives of Russians Vadim Nekhotsa and Alexander Martyshevsky, and the citizen of Belarus Andey Zheshko, arrested in February of this year during illegal "sex training" in resort Pattaya in Thailand which passed under the leadership of Alex Lesley (Alexander Kirillov) with Nastya Rybka (Anastasia Vashukevich's) participation, believe in full innocence of the husbands from the point of view of the Russian and Thai legislation.© of AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe Rybka has decided not to give to the USA "compromising evidence", have reported СМИОб it women have told RIA Novosti: Lyudmila Nekhotsa, Ksenia Shiryaeva and Nigina Shevtsova who live several months in Pattaya and daily visit in city prison of the husbands accused together with Lesley and Rybka of the organization of services of sexual nature as a part of criminal group. "We are sure that from the point of view of and the Russian and Thai legislation our husbands are innocent. And still – they now are absolutely forgotten by both media, and the Russian and Belarusian public: they are mentioned everywhere only as "the citizens of Russia and Belarus arrested together with Lesley and Rybka" — have told on Friday women to the correspondent of RIA Novosti. And meanwhile, they have added, none of their husbands were the organizer of "training", all of them were the clients who have paid 38 thousand rubles for a training and separately paid through travel agencies the air tickets and hotels in Pattaya.© AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe Deripaska has seized one million rubles from Rybka and Lesley" And we aren't able to understand why our husbands who have arrived to this training as clients, as listeners, already half a year sit in impossible conditions in the crowded Thai prison where thirty-meter cameras contain about fifty people also are accused of participation in some criminal community which, allegedly, provides services of sexual nature. Him prior to judicial interrogations of witnesses to be imprisoned nearly half a year more, and still – how many the court and what will be result will last, in general it is unknown" — they have told. In Russia Lesley's training was presented as absolutely legal, women have told. Paid for him officially, the contract in the form taken in Russia was signed with each participant. Besides, Lesley's trainings take place in Pattaya seven years so at anybody even the doubt hasn't arisen that all this legally, wives of arrested have said. "It, of course, was only visibility as now it became clear, but it was visibility in which all have believed, without excluding, probably, and organizers of a training" — Lyudmila Nekhotsa has told on behalf of all three. Her husband is a businessman, they are married thirteen years, their three children, and Lyudmila works together with the spouse at his firm.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov to Pass into an image bank "The woman is a punching bag". The report from Alex Lesley's sex training" the Husband attends a set of trainings on the most different subjects, he considers that it is possible to avoid many mistakes most if to adopt experience of those who have already made these mistakes and



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