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Without Father. Nine days from the date of Alexander Zakharchenko's murder - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

DONETSK, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti, Vera Kostamo. In Donetsk after death of the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko the curfew was again transferred at 23:00, before he began at 01:00. For violation — thirty days. In the late afternoon city empty. And matter not only in this new order, and it is rather in expectation and uncertainty. As there lives the self-proclaimed republic without Father (so here called the leader of the DPR) — in material of the observer of RIA Novosti. The boy in a cadet form runs with a water mug through a festive ruler. To several pupils during a Knowledge Day which because of tragic events in the republic was postponed to September fourth it became bad. © RIA Novosti / Masha Ross Pereyti in an image bank "Any Ukraine here". In Donetsk have Never said goodbye to Alexander Zakharchenko "it was. And not hot today. But children very much worry, tension of the last days has affected. Sasha had to arrive to us for a holiday — the first teacher Zakharchenko Alla Obolenskaya says. — He was not a guest here, came constantly when there was free time. And with children — with all I communicated with adults, teachers as equals". Last year according to the decision Zakharchenko the school at which he studied became military school. Before war 180 people, since May the 2014th were engaged here, remember the teacher, "when over the city warplanes" — slightly more than hundred have flown by. But children from the settlements and the cities which were among destroyed and seriously fired have stretched almost at once. The school has accepted all. "Children were who in what it is dressed. To go to lessons there was nothing. Without documents, without birth certificates" — teachers will tell. Now on a ruler everything, except elementary grades, in shape. "Zakharchenko himself chose, and in general is his idea — Alla Ivanovna explains. — When to us there have arrived children from the line of demarcation, Sasha to them has come at once, and there kids absolutely, the fourth class — by hands has greeted boys. "Children what you most of all want?" — "I want home, there the puppy remained". — "Home". — "Believe, we will make everything that you have returned". It is difficult to speak to Alla, future head of the DPR studied in her first grade: "It is my children. I have come the little girl to school after school. I was 19 years old. The first children are very strongly remembered. You have no experience, and here at you watch these eyes". "You know, he was the most ordinary boy who liked to drive in soccer, interceded for younger, already in the childhood was fearless, for justice — Alla continues. — I remember an amusing case. A break, I watch — children nobody. And Sasha lived in the house, neighboring to school. It has appeared, he has led all class to himself — the grandmother has baked pies. Until she has turned away, the plate already was empty — he has treated all". After the school has turned into military school, persons interested began to study more, than can contain classes. In plans there was a construction of the new building. Zakharchenko hasn't coordinated barracks: "The family — the main thing to live children will be at home". "Alexander Vladimirovich talked to seniors much. I asked how they see the future of the republic that well



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