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Will appropriate to the airports of Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny names of outstanding Russians - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

KAZAN, 11 Oct — RIA Novosti. The international airports "Kazan" and "Begishevo" (Naberezhnye Chelny) among 45 leading Russian airports will receive names of outstanding compatriots within the Great Names of Russia project, the Public chamber of Tatarstan.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Astafyev the Nizhny Novgorod airport reports can call in honor of Gorky, Kulibin or Chkalovaproyekt "Great names of Russia" is devoted to assignment to the international airports of Russia of names of great Russian compatriots which represent grandness, greatness and glory of the country. In it is mute 45 airports through the whole country which were defined on the basis of data of Rosaviatsia on a passenger traffic participate. The project is organized in a format of a national competition within which inhabitants will choose names of outstanding compatriots for the name of the airports. Came up the Russian Geographical Society, the Russian historical society, Society of the Russian literature, the Russian military and historical society with the idea of implementation of the project, and the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation will coordinate implementation of the project. "Today the chairman of Public chamber of Tatarstan Anatoly Fomin declared start in the republic of the Great Names of Russia project. Even before official start of the project in Tatarstan discussions concerning assignment to the airports of the republic of names of outstanding compatriots already erupted" — it is said in the statement. In particular, among candidates, worthy to name two Tatarstan airports, inhabitants of the republic call the Soviet aircraft designer Andrey Tupolev, the legendary fighter pilot who made escape by plane from a fascist concentration camp, the Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Devyatayev and even the queen Syuyumbike ruling the Kazan khanate in the XVI eyelid.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Vyatkin Pereyti in an image bank the cities to which airports will appropriate names great Are called the rossiyansbor of offers will last till October 14 then the expert group created by Public chamber of Tatarstan will select 30 names. Then users of social networks will be able to vote, having chosen from it the main applicants for a victory. Taking into account results of poll experts will define on October 19 names of 10 outstanding figures for each airport which will pass in the following stage of the project. At selection there are certain requirements. So, for example, as applicant names for the name of the airports names of politicians and statesmen of the period of the contemporary history of the country (last 100 years) cannot be considered. At the choice from several candidates their historical link to the republic will become priority criterion. At the second stage which will come to the end on November 7 the three of the most popular names will be selected. They will also be presented for final vote on the federal website "Great Names of Russia". Winners will be declared on December 5. Total vote will be preceded by intermediate polls, public discussions and various public activities. Read other news of the region here>>



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