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We will force all to shout "Glory to Ukraine!". Kiev reforms army - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti, Anton Lisitsyn. From now on the chant of fighters of UPA * "Glory to Ukraine is recognized as an official greeting of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!" — "To heroes glory!". On a parade in honor of the Independence Day "old regime" "Hello, companions!" didn't sound any more. The authorities assure that the innovation is accepted "at requests of workers". But military of elite types of military forces don't approve change of symbolics. "Glory to Ukraine!" there is from a traditional religious greeting "Slava to Jesus Christ! Forever glory!", which has been widespread only in the west of modern Ukraine where uniats — grekokatolik, that is the Orthodox Christians who have recognized the power of the Pope lived and live. These territories were under the power of Austrian Gabsurgov, and then Poland. The Ukrainian nationalists "modernized" a Greco-catholic greeting in 1917-1920. Then on "Glory to Ukraine!" responded or "To Ukraine glory!", or "To Cossacks glory!". In the late thirties also the option "To the leader glory has been admitted to the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) *!" with a raising of the right hand — gesture fashionable at that time. Then Stepan Bandera's supporters — one of leaders of OUN * — have claimed the final password and a response "Glory to Ukraine!" — "To heroes glory!". By the way, the Greco-catholic metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky condemned Bandera's followers for the fact that those have modified a Christian greeting in a political chant. One of editors of the military and historical magazine "Stary Tseykhgauz" Stanislav Lyulin hardly finds analogs of a new Ukrainian greeting in other armies. "The only example comes back to memory — Greece during the revolution of 1821-1830. Then, during fight for independence of the Ottoman Empire, almost all army consisted of the former guerrillas who a little in what differed from robbers. They welcomed each other exclamation "Elefteriya and Thanatos" ("Liberty or Death"). However this pathos motto in army hasn't lasted long — to the Greek throne there has ascended the Bavarian prince Otto who has accepted a throne name Otton I and has built army on the German sample with standard military greetings "." From examples it is possible to remember a notorious Nazi greeting with a raising of the right hand closer — halfbent or direct — and the motto "Heil Hitler!" ("Long live Hitler!"). It is necessary to tell that in Germany it sounded mainly in the political and okolovoyenny organizations, in Wehrmacht — only since 1944. It is remarkable that the Ukrainian nationalists since the end of the 1930th accompanied with similar gesture also the chant: "Glory to Ukraine!" — "To heroes glory!" — Lyulin.© Foto reminds: Official account Generalkonsulat der Ukraine in Hamburg in social network Facebook in the European way. In presidents of Ukraine there is a consul-Nazi from Germaniiboyeviki of UPA * here weren't original. "The greeting with a raising of a hand and pronouncing this or that motto borrowed Germans occurred among the Italian fascists, Croatian ustashy and the Spanish falangist — the historian tells. — If to speak about historical continuity, then речевк



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