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"We rave from suffocation". As the nuclear submarine "Seal" has nearly killed the crew - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Nov — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. Twenty dead and as much victims of emission of poisonous gas of seamen-submariners — exactly ten years ago, on November 8, 2008, on the atomic submarine of the Pacific fleet K-152 "Seal" in the Sea of Japan the fire extinguishing system has worked. After death of Kursk this tragedy — the largest on number of the victims in the contemporary history of the Russian underwater fleet. About what has occurred and what results were yielded by investigation — in material of RIA Novosti. Submarines of the Shchuka-B project belong to the class of multi-purpose atomic submarines with mainly torpedo arms. The decision on their construction was made in the late seventies in response to active development in the USA of the "Los Angeles" nuclear submarines differing in the increased reserve. The head boat — "Shark" — have told to military in December the 1984th, and all eight boats of this type have constructed. The youngest of them, "Seal", was "a problem child" for the Navy from the very beginning. The boat put in the 1991st on building berths of the Amur Shipbuilding Plant (ASP) was planned to be constructed, tested and given to the fleet within four-five years. However disintegration of the country, catastrophic cut in expenditure on defense and privatization of ASZ in the 1992nd have nearly buried K-152 in infancy. Having closed up the program of atomic shipbuilding in the Far East, the boat was planned to be utilized. The decision on its completion in October the 1999th was made by the prime minister Vladimir Putin. Works on "Seal" were resumed, but went slowly: the shortage of financing and loss of ASZ of many valuable shots in "dashing nineties".© the Photo affected: SEVMASH Secrets of "block heater". As the Russian nuclear submarines in distant pokhodakhs of a dead point work the situation has moved only in the 2004th, after the trip of the Minister of Defence Sergei Ivanov to India. There he has signed the agreement on delivery of K-152 for rent for 650 million dollars for a period of ten years. Experts of ASZ have got down to business, and already on June 24 the 2006th have floated "Seal". Transfer of the atomic-powered vessel of Naval Forces of India was planned for August of the 2007th, but because of slips schedule was moved up on the 2008th, and then further. The accident which has happened in November of the 2008th, undoubtedly, became one of the main reasons for a delay. As a result the boat has changed nationality only on January 23 the 2012th. On the thirty first of October the 2008th the nuclear submarine "Seal" has made the first immersion in Peter the Great Bay. Eighty seamen-submariners performed procedures, standard for trial runs. 128 civil experts, generally the staff of Amur Shipbuilding Plant, alive watched how their child behaves in the sea. Watched the events from a board of the big anti-submarine ship (BASS) "Admiral Tributs". On the eighth of November the K-152 team had to work on him the educational attack. But instead of noise of the opened torpedo tubes on BPK have heard a distress signal. Details of the events which were taking place on "Seal" that fatal day, still under a signature stamp "Top secret". It is authentically known that emergency operation of a fire extinguishing system (BVC (boat volume chemical) has happened on has fallen



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