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We intend to become the Russian Railway carrier of passengers in Sheremetyevo - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Russian Railway is suggested to be become carrier of passengers in Sheremetyevo as option to pay back construction of ways to the northern terminal of the airport, the Vedomosti newspaper with reference to the presentation of the company.© writes on Wednesday RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev to Pass into an image bank the CEO of the Russian Railway has promised to extend experiment of Moscow on all Rossiiseychas it is possible to reach by Aeroexpress only the southern terminals of Sheremetyevo — D, E and F. To recently constructed up-to-date terminal B located in a northern zone of the airport and separated from southern by two runways it is possible to reach only the motor transport. So, the Russian Railway suggest to construct a branch from ways to the southern terminals on the North 3,8 kilometers long and the terminal with a total cost of 11,8 billion rubles (without the VAT), the edition refers to the presentation of the Russian Railway. Start of trains between northern and southern terminals is planned for 2020-2021. The project has been approved in August at a meeting with the Minister of Transport Evgeny Dietrich, have told sources to the edition. However the present payment for infrastructure won't allow to pay back investments into the project. For the term of operation of ways — 30 years — the operating loss of the Russian Railway will make 6,3 billion rubles. But Aeroexpress will get 90 billion rubles of operating profit, it is told in the presentation. The Russian Railway considers that the payment for infrastructure on the sheremetyevsky direction should be increased by 4,3 times, then the Russian Railway in 30 years would get 50 billion rubles of operating profit, Aeroexpress — 33 billion rubles. In 2021 if to accept the offer of the Russian Railway, the payment of Aeroexpress for ways to Sheremetyevo will grow by 831 million rubles. If completely to shift these expenses to passengers, then there will be about 143 rubles to each of 5,8 million people (according to the forecast of the airport). If not to lift a payment, the Russian Railway is ready to become carrier of passengers in Sheremetyevo, it is told in the presentation. The Ministry of Transport in general supports a position of the Russian Railway, the federal official has reported to the newspaper. The representative of the Russian Railway has reported to RIA Novosti that mechanisms of return of investments are studied with participants of the project. "The final model will depend on a number of factors, including on all configuration of the Moscow transport hub" — have added to the companies. Aeroexpress works according to standards of the legislation, in case of change of rules the company will fulfill all necessary requirements and to bear responsibility according to the obligations in full, the representative of the company has said to the edition.



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