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"We are alive": the Syrian companies have taken part in the EXPO in Shanghai - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

SHANGHAI, 9 Nov – RIA Novosti. The Syrian companies have taken part in the first international import the EXPO in Shanghai that has given them the chance to show others that the country is alive that the Syrian people come back to business and can participate in the international business actions together with all, the head of the Damask company Yassen Haidar Abu Bader Yassin Haidar has told RIA Novosti. "For us it is the first experience of participation in such exhibition, the government of Syria has chosen a number of the companies in Syria which have a long story and good reputation and as our company conducts the history since 1965 and we exported the sweets to many countries of the world, we were included into this list" — Yassin Haidar has reported. He has noted that for them it is extremely useful experience. "We have seen how others react to our country, pass by our stand and are interested from where we and when learn that from Syria, very much are surprised, ask: unless in Syria there is no war now?" — he has noted. "We very much are proud of the fact that we have arrived here, we are exposed on it to the EXPO together with all other countries, we are present at this world, we are alive, we continue our life, and everything at us gets better" — the interlocutor of the agency has told. According to him, visitors of an exhibition show interest in the company, pay attention to unusual beautiful packing, to a variety of production. "As you can see, people constantly without stopping approach us, frankly speaking, we are very happy to be here" — Yassin Haidar admitted. He has told that for participation in an exhibition the company has brought about 500 kilograms of sweets that everyone has tried, "but persons interested there is a lot of, almost all have already eaten". "Many want to buy from us at least something, first, because it is beautiful, secondly, because it from Syria, is said that ever in life anything Syrian was seen" — the interlocutor of the agency has told. Speaking about difficulties of business in Syria, he has noted that "undoubtedly, we in Syria endure the difficult period, the whole world has imposed sanctions against our country, of course, difficulties are". "But in our country we still have resources: flour, nuts, sugar, oil — all this our, Syrian, we don't need to import something for our production from other countries. But because of sanctions it is a little difficult to develop" — Yassin Haidar has added. The director of the company on production of drugs and cosmetics from natural BioCham ingredients Raula al-Adib has told RIA Novosti that her campaign has begun business in 2000 together with the French company through which I exported the production up to 2013, but because of sanctions this cooperation had to be stopped. "Fortunately, we haven't stopped export finally, we gradually deliver our production to the different countries, we participate in exhibitions because our production receives good comments outside Syria. We make a little own line of cosmetics, we also sell raw materials to various cosmetic companies, we sell all gradually, but affairs go well" — she has told. According to the interlocutor of the agency, at



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