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Vucic has urged to allow Serbians and Albanians to resolve the issue Kosovo-RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

BELGRADE, 2 Aug – RIA Novosti. The authorities of Serbia and the guide of Kosovo Albanians have to have an opportunity from the world community independently to agree upon settlement in Kosovo, including, about edge borders, the president of Serbia Alexander Vucic.© of AFP 2018/Oliver Bunic has said on Sunday Serbia concerning Kosovo can be left with nothing, the president has said the Vuchichserbsky president the day before during the visit to the country of the commissioner on policy of the neighbourhood and expansion of the EU Johannes Khan has said that Serbia in negotiations on the question Kosovo and Metokhiya with mediation of the EU in Brussels "can not receive anything". On Sunday he has opened the first Macedonian-Serbian project of the integrated border check-point Tabanovtsy-Preshevo together with the prime minister of Macedonia Zoran Zayev. On a question of journalists whether it is worth expecting changes of the existing borders in the western Balkans as a result of negotiations of Belgrade and Pristina, Vucic has asked a counter question. "And what borders you mean the question, those which we mean, or the management in Pristina? Because we see it differently: we consider Kosovo a part of Serbia, and they – the independent state" — the Serbian leader has emphasized. With the check point national Radio and television of Serbia.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky broadcast Pass into Mogherini's image bank can become the Nobel laureate in case of the transaction of Serbia and Kosovovuchich has noted that for the majority of the countries of the West, including France and Germany, Kosovo – also sovereign state, despite a position of Belgrade, the resolution 1244 UN Security Council and opinion of the People's Republic of China, Russia, India and "half of the countries of the world". "Whether someone can allow us to build up the relationship for the future, but not to compete in the one who will more effectively answer here, and will deserve an applause in Belgrade or not? Whether someone wants to allow us to try to resolve a question of the relations between Serbians and Albanians which is a problem 200 years? I hope that to us will allow to make it" — the president of Serbia has told. He has specified that the solution to the conflict of Serbians and Albanians most of all promotes stability and the world in the region and has suggested representatives of Belgrade and Pristina "to sit down and try will agree that one and others in the future meant the same borders". © AFP 2018/Armend Nimani of the Power of Kosovo have refused to discuss exchange of the territory from Serbiyeyn to the next week, on September 7, in Brussels the next round of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina in which the EU mediates is planned. Representatives of the European Union formally separated from discussions about possible "exchange of territories", focusing attention to need of development of the steady, long-term and legally binding decision which would answer international law. The president of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi has said earlier that he at negotiations with Belgrade in Brussels intends to suggest to attach the regions of the South of the central Serbia inhabited by Albanians for the sake of what it is ready to change the Kosovan constitution. In turn Vucic has said that he supports differentiation with Albanians on those



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