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VS has agreed with legality of input of temporary administration in bank "Yugra"-RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Supreme Court of Russia has upheld judicial acts of three subordinate instances which have recognized lawful two orders of the Bank of Russia of July 7, 2017 which in Yugra bank have appointed temporary administration represented by DIA and also the three-months moratorium on meeting requirements of creditors is established, follows from information in a card file of arbitration affairs.© of the Photo: Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug In Yugra the cashier of bank has by mistake given to the unemployed 400 thousand рублейВС the Russian Federation has rejected the appeal of Yugra in the person of her former owners asking to send business for revision to Judicial board on economic disputes. The Yugra bank in the appeal to arbitration of Moscow in July of last year has demanded to recognize invalid two orders of the Central Bank and also the instruction of July 6, 2017 to which the regulator has obliged Yugra to doformirovat reserves on loans in a size of 13,5 billion rubles. Courts of three instances have completely rejected requirements of ex-owners of Yugra. The representative of Yugra has reported in the first instance that on July 6 the bank has received the instruction of the Central Bank about need in daily time to doformirovat reserves for the sum of 13,5 billion rubles and to reclassify the debt of 20 borrowers. The bank has executed on July 7 the instruction, having increased reserves by 14 billion rubles and having eliminated the violations of obligatory standards revealed by the regulator, but, despite it, the Central Bank has issued the challenged orders and has discharged owners from management of bank. The representative of the Central Bank has said that the Yugra bank has allowed decrease in own means more than for 30% of the maximum value within a year. So, for August 1, 2016 the capital made 66,3 billion rubles, and by June 28, 2017 it has decreased by 56% that is the basis for input of temporary administration. In parallel the bank allowed decrease in indicators according to three obligatory standards of the Bank of Russia. The regulator, in particular, has elicited the facts of underestimation of credit risk on 20 borrowers in this connection it has demanded to reclassify this debt. The insured event with Yugra bank from which the Central Bank since July 28, 2017 has revoked the license became the largest during clearing of a banking system of the Russian Federation. The bank was included into number 30 of the largest Russian banks by the size of assets. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation as the main reasons for revocation of license called financing of projects of beneficiaries of Yugra at the expense of the raised funds of natural persons (the share of such credits has made nearly 90%), lack of adequate reserves, numerous application of supervising measures and violation by bank of the restrictions introduced concerning him. The Central Bank last year reported that the difference between assets and obligations of Yugra bank as of September 8, 2017 has made 86,1 billion rubles. The main owner of Yugra was the businessman Alexey Hotin who controlled 52,5% of the capital of credit institution.



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