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Vinnik's interrogation by the French investigators was postponed to a month - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

ATHENS, 1 Oct — RIA Novosti. Interrogation with participation of the French investigators of Russian Alexander Vinnik hasn't taken place due to the lack of proofs on criminal case and the charge, interrogation is postponed for November 6, the head of group of lawyers of the Russian Timofey Musatov has reported to RIA Novosti. © the Supreme Court of Greece has decided to give to AFP 2018/Sakis Mitrolidis Vinnik in Rossiyuvinnik is arrested in Greece in July, 2017 at the request of the USA where he is accused of washing from four to nine billion dollars through the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Also France which accuses Vinnik of breaking of e-mail of thousands of people and extortion of money at them tries to obtain his delivery. According to charge, Vinnik committed crimes, being in the Greek prison. "An hour ago the procedure of interrogation by the French investigators of Alexander Vinnik has ended. Her termination is connected with the fact that lawyers have demanded to bring evidence on criminal case and the charge of Alexander Vinnik which is absent in inquiry materials in Greece. In this regard interrogation hasn't taken place and has been postponed for November 6, 2018", – Musatov has told. According to him, interrogation pursues the aim to put the psychological pressure upon the client and under any pretext to obtain the evidence of his guilt which is absent in AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos Vinnik's Business: how to steal nine billion dollars" Proceeding from the questions which are in advance provided by the French investigators, protection has drawn a conclusion that in business there are no proofs of fault of Alexander, and that information by which investigators are guided is forged" — Musatov has told. "According to protection charge against Alexander Vinnik is forged" — Musatov has said. The famous lawyer Zoe Konstantopulu who was a speaker of parliament of Greece participates in business. She has told journalists earlier that Vinnik's business concerns – "this business of human rights", and she has undertaken Vinnik's protection with confidence that it will be possible to conduct fair judicial proceedings and to explain why he can't be extradited to France or the USA. Now there are already four judgments on Vinnik's extradition — at the request of the USA, two decisions on inquiries of Russia and the judgment of the first instance at the request of France. The final decision on an extradition will be made by the Minister of Justice Michalis Kalogiru.



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