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Varvara's sculpture will be established near the inscription "Kuzbass" on the mountain in Kemerovo - RIA Novosti, 10/5/2018

KEMEROVO, 5 Oct — RIA Novosti. Varvara's Saint is planned to establish a sculpture of the patroness of miners on one of mountains near the inscription "Kuzbass" located on the edge of a pinery on the right river bank Tom in Kemerovo, the famous master of Dasha Namdakov works on the model, the governor of the region Sergey Tsivilev has told journalists on Friday. Saint Barbara of Heliopolis (I have died in 306) is the Christian great martyr, the defender from sudden and violent death, the patroness of gunners, rocketeers, firefighters, miners, climbers, gardeners. In Catholic church 14 Saint assistants are among. It is esteemed by orthodox, Catholic, Coptic and Anglican churches as sacred. "We discuss with our famous sculptor of Dasha (Namdakov) to develop the model of Saint Varvara whom we would put on the place of a bow cross on the mountain. Saint Varvara together with the inscription "Kuzbass" (located on the neighboring mountain) will become our business card which we would use, for example, in the presentations everywhere. And she would keep us, preserved" — Tsivilev has told. The head of the region has noted that Varvara is in all Christian faiths (in Catholicism, for example, her name is Santa Barbara). "She would suit all" — he considers. Tsivilev has specified that the inscription "Kuzbass" which it is visible from several districts of the city and from it opens a panoramic view of all left-bank part of Kemerovo, is also planned to replace on new, perhaps, in uniform style with a sculpture. The ready model of a statue of Varvara will be published for coordination with locals. According to the original project, its height together with a pedestal can be 50 meters (35 meters a sculpture, eshche15 meters — the basis). However work is still continued, and parameters can change. "We want to make so that she has beautifully and organically fitted into the area, would become a part of that nature which is (pinery), together with the inscription "Kuzbass" there — Tsivilev has added. The great martyr Varvara enjoys popularity in Kuzbass where coal mining is one of key branches of economy. In her honor several temples and chapels are built, and in the territory of memorial estate "St. Thomas' Sunday" in Kemerovo the small monument is established.



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