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U.S. Fed has raised a base rate to 2-2,25% per annum - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

MOSCOW, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Federal Reserve System (FRS) of the USA by results of a meeting has raised on September 25-26 a base interest rate to 2-2,25% per annum from 1,75-2% per annum. The world is said about it in the press release of the financial AP Photo/Richard Drew B regulator.© 2020 will cover new global the superkrizisresheniye has coincided with forecasts of the experts interviewed by RIA Novosti. In the current year the rate was already raised in March and in June. Last year the regulator raised a rate three times: in December — up to 1,25-1,5%, in June — up to 1-1,25% and in March — up to 0,75-1% per annum. Before rates of increase in a rate were slower — one time in 2016 and 2015. In 2007-2008 the regulator gradually lowered a rate until it hasn't reached the minimum point of 0-0,25% in December, 2008. At the same time FRS has noted the continuing strengthening of the market of employment and high growth rates of economic activity in the USA. The regulator has also positively estimated active growth of expenses of households and investments into fixed capital. The Federealny reserve believes that the rate of inflation near a target mark of 2%. Besides, good conditions in labor market and the steady growth of economic activity give the chance to continue increase in an interest rate. At the same time FRS in the message has refused designation of the monetary policy as "stimulating". The head of the regulator Jerome Powell has noted that situations on exchange platforms and to investor confidence can damage trade wars of the USA.© of AFP 2018/Mandel Ngan the president Mistake. The OPEC brings Trump under импичментПо to his words while it is impossible to say about how FRS will react to possible effect of trade wars. "The first that I want to tell: we aren't responsible for trade policy. Yes, we hear about concern of business through the whole country, about a rupture of trade chains" — he has told. Powell has noted that if the effect is noticeable in the future, it will be possible to speak about decrease in a rate. "But it is still difficult to speak, how exactly we will behave until we don't see real figures" — he has told. © Infographics Trade wars of the USA



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