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Under the Miass River have directed 50 million rubles to overhaul of the pipeline - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

CHELYABINSK, 4 Sep – RIA Novosti. The governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky has directed 50 million rubles to capital repairs of the sewer pipeline passing under the bed of the Miass River, its wear has been established during works on construction of the business center for the summits of SCO and BRICS, the press service of the governor of the region has reported on Tuesday. © RIA Novosti / Vitaly Timkiv to Pass into an image bank In Chelyabinsk region will construct a hothouse complex for 7,4 billion rubles "the Pressure head site of the sewer pipeline of Chelyabinsk under the bed of the Miass River is worn-out. If there is an accident, sewer drains will get to the course of a pond of ChGRES of the Miass River. It is impossible to allow it. We have decided to allocate funds for capital repairs of this site, works will be carried out before performance of improvement of the territory of future public business center" — the press service of a word of the governor Boris Dubrovsky quotes. According to the press service, the governor has allocated for these purposes (on replacement of the sewer pipeline lying under the bed of the Miass River) 50 million rubles. The serious wear of metal pipes of dyuker of the sewerage is established during works on laying of the artificial island under the public business center which is built to the summits of SCO and BRICS in Chelyabinsk in 2020, is specified in the message. So, for prevention of disaster the broach in a dyuker of a polyethylene pipe which guarantees tightness of a dyuker of the sewerage throughout, including will be carried out to water areas of a pond of ChGRES, it is added in the message. To the summits in Chelyabinsk the congress hall of "Tagangai", two hotels will be built the public business center on the river embankment Miass. Large-scale re-planning of the international terminal and terminal of internal airlines of the airport of Chelyabinsk, improvement of the river embankment Miass is also planned. The end of all works is planned for the fourth quarter 2019. Read other news of the region here>>



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