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Two against wind. As the ships of Naval Forces of Ukraine "broke" to the Sea of Azov - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. Two worldly-wise ships under yellow-blue flags slowly move between Krymsky Bridge support. In parallel "the honourable escort" follows from boats with the Russian frontier guards who are attentively watching the strange duet. A flotilla it is proud enters the Sea of Azov and heads for Berdyansk. Shortly there, according to the Kiev authorities, there will be a full-fledged naval base. And "defiantly broken squadron" will become its basis.© to the Photo: it is provided by the eyewitness the Political scientist has estimated "danger of incidents" in the Kerch Strait "Donbass" and Korets have put out to sea from the port of Odessa on September 20 — in eight days after the statement of the commander of Ground forces of AFU colonel general Sergey Popko for strengthening of group of Armed forces on the Azov direction. Transfer of "flotilla" with the general displacement slightly more than 6,5 thousand tons has caused an unknown stir in the Ukrainian media. Journalists of government editions have regarded routine transfer of two unaided ships nearly as a crusade Independent against "the Russian aggressor". However, in social networks have with all the heart laughed in comments under photos of an unfortunate squadron. Donbass was floated in far the 1969th under the designation "PM-9" ("A floating workshop"). The ship regularly made transitions to the Black, Mediterranean, Baltic seas, looked to Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Poland. I solved problems of maintenance of fighting capacity and repair of other ships of the Navy of the USSR during distant campaigns and fighting services. After the collapse of the USSR and the section of the Black Sea Fleet "PM-9" has got to Ukraine under the name "Krasnodon". In the 2001st the ship was renamed into Donbass. By then he was afloat 32 years. Donbass for the Ukrainian seamen and shipbuilders was, to put it mildly, problem fighting unit. In the 2004th he has lit up directly at repair shop in Sevastopol — have as a result burned out 50 square meters of the main deck. The fire was extinguished by five hours. And in three years the ship was nearly lost. © AFP 2018/Andrej Isakovic In Rada have derided Poroshenko's statement for "the strongest army" On the Eleventh of November the 2007th in the Black Sea the whole gale has burst. Being at a quay of the Sevastopol bay "Donbass" has broken from mooring and threw on all water area. Onboard there were no diesel generators and the operating main engine, the ship was held only by the anchors dropped in the center of a bay. Sooner or later would throw out him on the coast or has pressed in other vessels, but the Korets tow floated in the 1973rd has come to the rescue. He has substituted the board under blow former plavmastersky that has saved both Donbass, and neighbors. Obviously, the tow carries out a similar mission and today — watches that the senior companion hasn't done something again. The worldly-wise duet has approached coast of the Crimea on September 21-22 where he was taken on maintenance by the ships of the coast guard of frontier service of FSB. Didn't disturb a squadron, but appearance of the Russian frontier guards has caused an indignation storm in command of Naval Forces of Ukraine. Especially seas



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