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Turn in a back. Why the Russian machine guns - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018 were necessary for Americans

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti, Andrey Kots. Not to use import details, not to involve foreign experts, to get drawings and the technical documentation independently — the other day it became known that the Head department of troops of a special purpose of the Pentagon (SOCOM) announced a competition among the American weapon companies on creation of exact copies of Russian "strelkovka". So far it is about machine guns: Caliber PKM 7,62 millimeters and NSV "Rock" of caliber 12,7. It is emphasized that the enterprises have to develop products from scratch and only by own efforts, without addressing Russia as to the country right owner. Why someone else's machine guns — in material of RIA Novosti were necessary for Americans and their most powerful OPK. © Photo: U .S. Army/Spc. Randy Wren Star wars: Trump relied on spy satellites and high a tekhnologiissh are capable to make independently all nomenclature of "iron" for the Armed forces — from pistol cartridges to satellites and strategic bombers. Nevertheless the quality of "house" production not always suits such exacting "clients" as fighters of special troops. To get analogs from allies in certain cases more simply and the cheapest way. And if those cannot suggest worthy option — to study arsenals of the opponent, real or probable. For example, Germans in the years of World War II did not do without loans too. Their Gerat Potsdam and Gerat Neumunster submachine guns were, in fact, full copies of the British STEN occupied by Wehrmacht as trophies. Reliability and simplicity of a design were a decisive factor. For the similar reasons the American military use the German H&K MP-5 submachine guns, the H&K 416 assault rifles, the Italian shot-guns of M1014, the Swedish grenade launchers of AT4 and M3, the British howitzers of M777 and some other import arms today. Moreover, at once several enterprises in the USA for the license make various options of a legendary Kalashnikov both for civil, and for military needs. However the PKM and NSV machine guns — modern, though not newest children of the Russian defense industry — before a particular interest in the Pentagon did not cause. "It is necessary to understand that this weapon today — one of the best in the world in the classes — the editor-in-chief of the Kalashnikov magazine Mikhail Degtyarev told RIA Novosti. — The same Rock on the head surpasses in opportunities the main large-caliber machine gun of Armed forces of the USA by Browning Sq.m. But NSV surplus in the world market of arms is definitely not observed. This rather rare weapon. In Ukraine, for example, there were not enough Rock to arm tanks, about infantry and there is nothing to speak. NSV are made in large quantities by Chinese, however sell not all. The decision to create similar products independently quite in the spirit of Americans. Money has to stay at home. And nobody will begin to address to Rosoboronexport in the middle of the sanctions war in Washington".© AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo the Mistake of supersoldiers. The largest failures of divisions спецназаПо to Degtyarev's opinion, potential operators "ро



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