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Turkey hopes that the gone Saudi journalist is alive - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

View of Ankara. Archival photo
ANKARA, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti. The Turkish authorities hope for that, the disappeared Saudi oppositional journalist Gamal Hashukdzhi is alive, the adviser to the president of Turkey Yassin Актай.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Vilf Pereyti in an image bank of the USA told RIA Novosti zhurnalistakhashukdzh which works as the observer of the American newspaper Washington Post are ready to help with investigation of disappearance Saudi and since 2017 lives in the USA, was gone in Turkey on October 2 after entered the building of Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. According to the bride of the Saudi journalist, the staff of consulate invited this day Hashukdzhi for execution of documents necessary for it for the introduction marriage, and in the building did not let her. Five hours of expectation later one of the staff of consulate told her that Hashukdzhi already left. According to the authorities of Saudi Arabia, Hashukdzhi was gone after left the consulate building, and the diplomatic mission cooperates with the Turkish authorities to find out circumstances of its disappearance. However the president of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan said that Saudi Arabia has to prove the non-participation in disappearance of the journalist, and its explanations in connection with this situation are unconvincing. As the representative of the Turkish Foreign Ministry reported Be rude Aqsa, Turkey got from Saudi Arabia permission to survey of its Consulate General in Istanbul in connection with Hashukdzhi's disappearance. According to the press secretary of the president of Turkey Ibrahim Kalyn, Saudi Arabia and Turkey agreed about creation of joint group on investigation of this business. "If you paid attention, then at us a word did not slip concerning the fact that he is killed. Even if I personally would think that he is killed, all the same I sound hope that it not so, and we hope that it really not so" — Актай.© told AP of Photo/Emrah Gurel In Turkey in details investigate disappearance Saudi журналистаОн noted that he has no data on results of investigation. "Time the statement for creation of the joint working group on investigation is made, so the parties came to such agreement. Let's look how it will work. We initially suggested to cooperate with the Saudi side, we wait for explanations from it as an incident occurred in Turkey. We hope that such explanations will be made by results of work of this group" — the interlocutor of the agency told. "If the USA has some information, then we would like to study it. Now our prosecutor's office works, and we are ready to accept information at any who possesses it. There is an arrangement on the work permit of our bodies in the Saudi Consulate General. Why still it did not begin – I do not know probably there is some reason" — told Aktay. According to him, information from 160-180 surveillance cameras is on this case collected. "Time is necessary that completely to see them. All who came and came to consulate who left left from it – all this is carefully looked through, and already some picture appears. But to discuss results in the press, investigation has to be законч



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