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Tupolev finishes preproject works on the supersonic liner - RIA Novosti, 9/5/2018

MOSCOW, 5 Sep — RIA Novosti. Preproject works on the perspective supersonic passenger plane now at a completion stage, are preliminary understanding at the price and characteristics, the deputy CEO for design of PJSC Tupolev Valery Solozobov.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko has reported to RIA Novosti to Pass into an image bank of B OAK have told when development of the new transport plane "begins CB Tupolev already finishes preproject works on the supersonic passenger plane. They were carried out and carried out in interaction with the leading scientific organizations of the country — VIAM, TsIAM, TsAGI, CB Aviadvigatel — Solozobov has told. During further works it is supposed to complete researches on ways of decrease in sound influence together with the leading institutes, to make the corresponding experiments and also to construct the experimental plane demonstrator for preliminary flight tests. "By results of natural tests the decision on final technical shape will be already made" — the interlocutor of the agency has added. Speaking about preliminary characteristics of the perspective plane, Solozobov has noted that the number of places will be about thirty, take-off weight — 70 tons, and speed will be in the range from 1,4 to 1,8 moves. At the earth the speed corresponding to 1 move is equal to about 1224 kilometers per hour. At the height of eleven kilometers because of temperature drop the acoustic speed (1 move) is lower, about 1062 kilometers per hour. Thus, at the height of eleven kilometers the plane will be able to gather speed from one and a half thousand to 1900 kilometers per hour. "Considering considerable experience of CB Tupolev in design of distant passenger and military supersonic planes and also the technical and technological reserve created with assistance of Minpromtorg of Russia on reproduction of Tu-160, two main versions — with a wing of the fixed and changeable geometry, as on Tu-160 and Tu-22 are worked out that significantly raises runway characteristics" — the deputy CEO has told. © the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes to Pass into an image bank Aeroflot has received two more new Sukhoi Superjet 100chto planes concerns the price of the supersonic plane, Solozobov, by preliminary results of cost design has noted, in the first years of production the plane will be slightly more expensive than the subsonic long-haul Tu-214 released now on the Kazan aircraft factory by small series in specialized modifications. Earlier the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov in an interview of RIA Novosti has reported that Russia doesn't stand still in a question of creation of the civilian supersonic airliner. According to him, the main problem of supersonic aircraft is an overcoming a sound barrier. In January the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has suggested to make the civil version of the supersonic plane on the basis of the strategic Tu-160 rocket carrier. United Aircraft Corporation reported that it conducts work on the supersonic passenger plane, in a cat



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