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Tsipras has invited Xi Jinping to visit Greece - RIA Novosti, 8/27/2018

ATHENS, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti, Gennady Melnik. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Kotzias after negotiations with the Chinese colleague Van I has reported that he has transferred the invitation of the prime minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras to the Chinese President to visit Athens.© AP Photo/Evan Vucci can argue With China, without quarreling: it is proved just "We are two countries, two people, two ministers who trust each other and work with trust. This the most important in the international relations. Our main goal — to deepen our political cooperation. I have transferred the invitation from the prime minister to the president of China to visit Athens for cooperation strengthening" — Kotzias has told journalists after negotiations with Wang I. As the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry has reported, Kotzias has also invited "the dear friend" of Van And to visit Greece. "I would like to thank him for this invitation to China, and I hope to see him soon in Athens, according to the invitation which I have made today" — Kotzias has told. "China is a reliable and constant friend of Greece, as well as Greece for China. Today we have discussed how we can deepen our cooperation with the ministries, the governments and economy. We have always enough wisdom to find a positive way in common to develop" — the Greek minister has told. Kotzias has reported that Athens completely supports the initiative "One belt — one way" which creates large infrastructure network in the world. "We said about investments of China and about how we can increase our export to China, and we were glad to accept the invitation to participate in the Shanghai international exhibition and other actions in China. We have discussed how to stimulate our economic cooperation as Greece recovers from an economic crisis with positive growth, and our potential for cooperation expansion is more now, than in the past" — Kotzias.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Ankov has told to Pass into an image bank Weapon for one trillion dollars: as China will roll economy СШАПо to results of negotiations ministers have signed the memorandum of understanding on the Chinese project "One Belt — One Way". According to information from the MFA, Greece and China intend to prepare the five-year action plan for economic cooperation. As note in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Athens gives important to value to the minister's visit to the People's Republic of China and strengthening of ties with China. "The Chinese side very warmly accepted the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece. The meeting with the state councilor and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Van I with whom Nikos Kotzias has improved very good relations of cooperation in recent years took place in especially friendly climate, having confirmed the excellent level of the bilateral relations between Greece and China" — have noted in the MFA. "The Greek minister has let know that in the context of the multidimensional foreign policy Greece demands and appreciates respect for her, and positively answers. The relations with China, the superstate representing one of the most important civilizations can develop only on the basis of the positive agenda of cooperation" — consider гречес



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