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Trump has signed the decree on implementation of sanctions against Russia - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

WASHINGTON, 20 Sep — RIA Novosti. The U.S. President Donald Trump has signed the executive decree on a sanctions regime against Russia. Judging by the text of the document, the speech about new restrictive measures doesn't go, only about toughening of the mode of their observance.© of AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin Refusal of dollar — it is real. Russia and the EU have submitted the plan действийТак, Trump has given to the Minister of Finance Stephen Mnuchin additional authority for implementation of this decree. The document provides blocking of property and assets, the ban on any financial transactions with the faces tied with the Russian authorities and also refusal in issue of visas and entry into the United States. Concrete names or the organizations aren't called — they are defined in each case by the Secretary of State and the Minister of Finance. Besides, the decree forbids any American financial institution to issue loans or the credits to the person which has fallen under sanctions or the organizations "for the total amount more than ten million dollars during any 12-month period". Also export-import bank of the USA has to refuse delivery of a guarantee, insurance or the credit to the person which has fallen under sanctions. These restrictive measures are provided by earlier adopted laws "About Counteraction to Opponents of America through Sanctions" (CAATSA), "The act of support of freedom in Ukraine" and some others. In 2014 after annexation of the Crimea and in connection with a situation in Ukraine Washington has imposed sanctions against Moscow which then repeatedly extended. Russia has taken the answer-back measures.© of the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes to Pass into an image bank "Too big for sanctions". Why at the USA it is impossible "to punish Russia" at the end of August of this year U.S. authorities have entered one more package of restrictive measures. Charges to Russia of use of chemical weapon in the British city of Salisbury where on March 4 have poisoned the former colonel of GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia became the basis for this purpose. London has accused Moscow of poisoning. Russia categorically denies the participation. Also in November it is planned to enter the second, tougher package of sanctions. He can mention crediting of the Russian legal entities, export and import of goods. Besides, Washington announced possible lowering of the level of diplomatic relations. In addition, last week Trump has signed the decree on sanctions against foreign persons and the organizations whom intelligence agencies of the USA will suspect of intervention in elections by "cyber attacks or in any other manner". Restrictive measures will enter also for distribution of promotion and misinformation. Earlier American Ministry of Finance has reported that the USA during Trump's presidency has imposed sanctions against 212 faces tied with Russia and the companies, 136 of them are included in sanctions lists because of a situation in Ukraine under the law CAATSA.



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