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Trump "has praised" the Minister of Justice for removal of sentences to two congressmen - RIA Novosti, 9/3/2018

MOSCOW, 3 Sep — RIA Novosti. Trump with sarcasm has praised the Minister of Justice of the USA Jeff Sessions for removal of convictions for two congressmen from Republican Party because of the threat which has arisen before republicans to lose two places in the congress after intermediate elections.© of AFP 2018/Nicholas Kamm Trump has continued a public skirmish with the Prosecutor General "the Ministry of justices under the leadership of Jeff Sessions directly before intermediate elections has pronounced a sentence on two investigations of times of Obama for two congressmen from Republican Party … Excellent work, Jeff" — Trump has written to Twitter. He has noted that two places which could get easily can be under doubt because of the coming time of elections now. "Democrats, any of whom didn't vote for Jeff Sessions, have to love him now" — Trump has added. Speaking about two republicans, Trump probably meant Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter who performed with support of policy of Trump. Collins has been condemned last month for fraud with securities and perjury before FBI about attempts to give members of the family information on securities closed for the public to allow them to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hunter together with the wife have also been accused by Ministry of Justice of the USA of waste of 250 thousand dollars from fund of his election campaign for a general election in 2016 RIA Novosti / Alexey Nikolsky to Pass into an image bank Trump has boasted of high rating in two months prior to intermediate vyborovv of the USA in November there will take place the intermediate elections called so because they pass on the middle of a four-year term of office of the president. All structure of the House of Representatives, a third of the senate, a number of governors will be re-elected. Earlier Trump in a teleinterview sharply criticized the Prosecutor General, having said that that "hasn't taken under control" the Ministry of Justice. Besides, Trump has said that he has hired Sessions in the ministry only for his loyalty. Trump has fallen upon the ex-colleague and for the fact that that has kept from the so-called "Russian investigation" in Ministry of Justice. "He has started working, and then has told: "I withdraw". And I say: what the person such is?" — Trump has told. The special prosecutor Robert Müller appointed by Ministry of Justice investigates case of "the Russian intervention in elections" which existence Moscow disproves and also about the estimated "Russian communications" of Trump which deny both in the White House, and in the Kremlin. Sessions has kept from investigation, having used charges of the conflict of interests after he hasn't mentioned at hearings in the senate a routine meeting with the ambassador of Russia Sergey Kislyak when Sessions still was a senator. Trump repeatedly said that employees of Ministry of Justice spin against him plots and also flayed and insults to Sessions.© of Fotolia/alexandre zveiger In California the democrat has criticized fast food chain for the help республиканцамТрамп again has fallen upon Ministry of Justice after the ex-head to a pra



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