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Trump has forbidden to call McCain the hero, WP - RIA Novosti, writes 8/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Aug — RIA Novosti. Donald Trump hasn't allowed to publish the release prepared him by assistants from the White House with condolences in connection with death of senator John McCain. Washington Post has reported about it. In particular, in the document McCain was called a hero and his merits in the years of the Vietnamese war were noted. The president has preferred to be limited to a tweet with reserved condolences to family of политика.My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you! Trump and McCain — both republicans, however were always political opponents and didn't hide mutual antipathy.© of AP Photo/Patrick Semansky the Americanist: McCain's "plate" plays what Trump a delalsenator repeatedly criticized the president for the policy pursued by him. In particular, he acted as the ardent opponent of the "soft" relations with Moscow. Recently McCain called a mistake a meeting of the American leader with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Trump, in turn, not really highly appreciated military merits of the party fellow. He possesses a phrase: "McCain is the hero because he was in captivity? I prefer those who weren't taken prisoner". The New York Times has reported that Trump was invited to McCain's funeral. At the same time will be present at farewell the vice-president Mike Pence. Also the speech will be made by ex-presidents Barack Obama and George Bush Jr. In 2000 and 2008 McCain has lost them presidential elections.© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov to Pass into an image bank McCain was an irreconcilable enemy of Russia, have reminded in Sovfedepublitsist, the political scientist, the head of the Moscow politological club Evgeny Ben on air of radio Sputnik has explained current situation to the irritations which have collected at Trump to McCain. He has also reminded that senator himself asked that the president didn't come to his funeral. "But McCain is an also certain symbol of intolerance in relation to Russia. In this sense it is quite possible that Trump wants to depart somehow from those phenomena which tried to tie to him hands and to limit his opportunities. Among these phenomena there was also this tendency which was sounded by McCain. <…> Today Trump, really, at all doesn't need glorification of a role of McCain, as well as glorification of a role somebody who didn't agree with him", – Evgeny Ben has told. The politician has died at the age of 81 year from cancer of the brain diagnosed about a year ago. His funeral will take place on the second of September in Annapolis, the capital of the State of Maryland. Earlier it became known that he has refused treatment because of irreversible development of a disease. Telegrams with condolences come from the different countries. The prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu called senator "the great national patriot and the big supporter of Israel". The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has reminded that McCain was "a courageous and resolute supporter" of alliance. The president of South Korea Mun Zhe Ying called senator "a symbol of the American concept of freedom".© AP Photo/Patrick Semansky the Main russophob of America: what was John Makkeynsvoi соболезн



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