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Trump has accused China of attempts to interfere with elections in the USA - RIA Novosti, 9/26/2018

The UN, 26 Sep — RIA Novosti. The U.S. President Donald Trump has accused China of attempts to interfere with intermediate congressional elections of the USA.© RIA Novosti / Ramil Sitdikov to Pass into an image bank China has responded to charges of intervention in elections of the USA "They don't want that I or we have won as I am the first president who creates difficulties to China in the sphere of trade" — the American president at a meeting of the UN Security Council has told. He has also noted that Washington wins against Beijing trade war "at each level". The U.S. President has touched also upon other hot topics of the international agenda. So, he has paid special attention to a situation in Idlib. "I want to thank Iran, Russia and Syria which according to my insistent requirement have significantly slowed down their attack to Idlib Governorate and 3 million people living there to reach 35 thousand terrorists" — the American leader.© of REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton has noted the Solution to the conflict in Syria has to include strategy for Iran, Tramppri it has said Trump has said that Russia and Iran "help slaughter which Syrian regime arranges". Besides, the head of the White House has promised that the USA will continue to impose further tough sanctions against "malicious" activity of Iran. "All American sanctions connected with the nuclear program of Iran will come into full force at the beginning of November. After that the USA will continue to impose additional sanctions, is more rigid, than ever earlier to resist to a wide range of malicious activity of Iran" — Trump has told. He has added that the countries which will refuse to follow restrictions will face serious consequences. Besides, Trump has appealed to members of the UN Security Council about collaboration concerning Iran that "the mode has changed the behavior and has never received an atomic bomb". Also Trump has told about relationship of the United States with DPRK. © REUTERS/KCNA Mun Zhe Ying: troops of the USA are necessary on the peninsula even in case of the association Koreiglava Belogo of the House has expressed confidence that with Pyongyang it will be possible to conclude the agreement on a denuclearization, but till that time it is necessary to carry out resolutions of the UN Security Council. According to him, "some countries" violate these resolutions that consists in an illegal overload of goods in the sea, and "it needs to be stopped immediately". "Safety of the Korean peninsula, region and world depends on full compliance with resolutions of UNSC - it is very much, it is very important" — the president has added. At the same time Trump has expressed confidence that the leader of DPRK Kim Jong-un wants "peace and prosperity". The American president has also reported that in the nearest future it will be announced a new meeting with the leader of DPRK Kim Jong-un. "Very many things occur behind the scenes, out of sight of media what nobody knows about, but they occur and very positively. Therefore, I think, in the next months and years you learn very good news from North Korea" — he has told. Besides, Trump has held a meeting with the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu on fields of General Assembly of the UN.© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov Nabil Shaath: Trump wants



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