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Trophy weapon from Syria and the Igorek robot: what "Army-2018" - RIA Novosti, has surprised 8/24/2018 with

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. The international military and technical forum "Army-2018" on Friday has opened in Moscow area for mass visit. About at what samples of military equipment it is possible to look at an exhibition near what it is worth being photographed and by what to take place by – in the report of RIA Novosti. © Astapkovich to Pass RIA Novosti / Vladimir into an image bank the Forum "Army-2018" has opened for all желающихВ Friday at a forum "Army-2018" "Open Day" has come. He has begun with "dead" traffic jams on entrance to the Patriot park situated near Moscow. It was populous. To look at military equipment were flown down by families. Exhibits at a forum was not less, than guests. The Ministry of Defence as the organizer of an exhibition has concentrated on the open area and in pavilions more than 26 thousand samples of arms and military equipment from 102 states. The expositions were presented by Armenia, Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, Slovakia and Turkey. Russia shows at a forum as samples of the equipment which is already adopted the Russian army and perspective developments. Are of special interest the BT-3F armored personnel carrier intended for use by marines, the BMD-4M airborne fighting vehicle with the new fighting Titmouse module, the self-propelled anti-tank Sprut-SDM1 gun 2C25M and the Willow mobile surface-to-air missile system 9K333 intended for defeat of air targets at the range over 6 kilometers and at the height more than 4 kilometers. Also among natural samples on a static exposition the wide list of anti-aircraft weapons, the armored, aviation and engineering equipment.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko is submitted to Pass into Zamglavkom's image bank of Ground forces has told Special attention of visitors of an exhibition about convenience of the tank "Armata" the latest Russian fighting Armata T-14 tank in which for the first time in four years of an exhibition it is possible to climb draws. Samples of the Arctic military equipment will draw with the white coloring attention of visitors: army snowmobile of TTM 1901-40 and anti-aircraft missile gun complex "S-1 Armour". For the first time at a forum surface-to-air missile missile systems of new generation "Viking", "Tor-E2" and the fighting vehicle of office of the Gibka-S mobile surface-to-air missile system are presented. At an exhibition debuted the BT-3F armored personnel carrier and the light Sprut-SDM1 floating tank. From foreign expositions it is possible to note the stand of China: the enterprises from this country the advanced developments among which there is an air defense complex Sky Dragon 50 which creators position as an analog of the well-known Russian S-400.© system of RIA Novosti, the Illustration of RIA Novosti have brought the Armata T-14 Tank © RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousov to Pass into the Arms image bank, contracted on "Army-2018", have passed tests in boyuosoby attention at a forum the Syrian exposition deserves. It is possible to reach her only on the special shuttle. There the captured handicraft equipment and weapon of terrorists of Islamic State * which have been withdrawn during fights in Syria by the Russian experts is presented. These are improvised explosive devices, стрелк



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