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Transition on border with Iran isn't closed, the Iraqi frontier guards - RIA Novosti, have said 9/8/2018

MOSCOW, 7 Sep — RIA Novosti. The border management for the check point of Iraq has denied information of media on closing of boundary transition Shalamchekh on the Iraqi-Iranian border, reports local TV channel Al-Arabia with reference to the statement of the service.© AP Photo/Hadi Mizban Prime Minister of Iraq has decided to begin investigation of actions of intelligence agencies in Basreraney the TV channel has reported that the Iranian authorities have disposed to close the border crossing between two countries located in thirty kilometers from Basra. Through a frontier point daily pass hundreds of trucks with industrial goods and products for the South of Iraq. "Boundary transition Shalamchekh isn't closed" — it is said in the document. According to the statement, transition at the moment continues to work in the usual mode. On Friday evening protesters in the Iraqi Basra captured by disorders since the beginning of week have set fire to the Iranian consulate. After this Iran has urged the citizens who are in Basra to leave this city immediately. The Iraqi Basra since Monday is captured by disorders. For these days thousands of protesters demanding from the authorities of improvement of a situation with supply of the city with clear drinking water and power supply carry out the unlimited actions of a protest developing into collisions with security officers. On Tuesday and Wednesday the angered protesters have set fire to buildings of administration of the province and the city administration. Army parts, it was entrusted to them to bring order to a seaport, during dispersal of protesters used tear gas and firearms. It is reported also that protesters have blocked work of the largest port of the country Umm-Kasr located near Basra. On Thursday the popular Shiite religious figure Muqtada al-Sadr has urged parliament to gather for a special session on problems of Basra no later than Sunday.© of AFP 2018/Mehdi Fedouach as a result of protests in Basra two chelovekaaktion of a protest in Iraq have died have begun on July 8 in Basra, having thrown on other provinces of the South of the country later. Protesters demanded from the authorities to put an end to interruptions in electricity and water supply. Requirements of protesters were supported by the highest spiritual authority of the Iraqi Shiites Ali as-Sistani. The government has created the special commission for implementation of requirements of protesters, having promised residents of Basra to allocate 2 billion dinars (about 17 million dollars) for the works connected with system recovery of water supply systems of drinking water and power supply networks. Also the authorities have promised to create 10 thousand jobs for residents of the province. Promises of the government about the measures undertaken by him have worked. Protest actions have been stopped. However a month later, they have renewed with a new force in Basra.



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