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Transition of regions to digital TV will be stage-by-stage, the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications - RIA Novosti, has said 11/9/2018

TVER, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. Transition of Russian regions to digital television will be stage-by-stage, the decision on terms of transition of each territorial subject of the Russian Federation will be made at a meeting of the Government on the next Thursday, the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Konstantin Noskov has told journalists. "I want to tell you that transition will be stage-by-stage, we will be precisely guided by readiness of regions on transition to digital television. At the same time, certainly, attention and support of lower-income strata will be paid. … We will handle these issues. I think that in more detail I will be able to answer all these questions after the meeting of the Government where the relevant decisions will be made" — he has said after the ceremony of connection of the second multiplex of digital telecasting in the Tver region. "What regions following — I will tell after the meeting of the Government, on the next Thursday. Transition will be soft, in process of readiness" — the minister has added. "At us nine years ago 25% of residents of our country had an opportunity to watch only one, at most two channels, more than 40% had an opportunity to watch only four channels. All you remember these flickering pictures, snow that we called in the form of hindrances, it was still quite recently. What we have today, all of us see on screens" — he has specified. © RIA Novosti Volin: the issue of subsidies for connection to digital TV is resolved регионыМинистр has added that the television is only an element of big digital economy. It will be simple to pass to him to Russians, he considers: "It not some expensive equipment. Therefore we don't expect large-scale such problems, I think that just now on the example of the Tver region we will look how big scale of problems" — he has added. The governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya has reported to RIA Novosti that for providing 100% of coverage of the population of the Upper Volga with the new standard of broadcasting in the region the network from 39 radio digital TV stations is built.
"Transition to digital TV will allow to watch TV channels of the first and second multiplexes in high quality. Now in the territory of the region there takes place information campaign during which explain to inhabitants their actions upon transition to digital broadcasting and tell about measures of social support. This work is conducted through media, condominium, management companies, MFTs, offices of Russian Post and other organizations. The help in control and connection to digital television to people of the senior generation in all districts of the area is rendered by more than 900 specially prepared volunteers" — Rudenya has told. Russia since January, 2019 completely will pass from analog to digital telecasting, the network will include two multiplexes (a package of TV channels) on 10 channels and also three radio channels and will be available more than 98% of the population. Analog TV is planned to be switched-off after New Year's vacation. The Tver region on Friday, November 9, has completely passed with the first in Russia to digital television broadcasting. Read other news of the region here>>



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