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To understand and forgive: the ex-traffic police officer has killed the neighbor and has bailed - RIA Novosti, 8/16/2018

MOSCOW, 16 Aug — RIA Novosti, Victor Zvantsev. The other day the Sverdlovsk regional court will consider the appeal on a sentence to the former traffic police officer Pavel Nasonov who after three-day hard drinking has shot the person. Psychiatric examination has established that at the time of crime he was deranged. The judge has exempted the murderer from criminal prosecution, however relatives of the dead try to achieve for him real punishment. In the evening on February 26 the resident of Sukhoy Log Vladimir Fefilaktov has parked the car near the house. And right there the roof of the car was stitched by a charge of a hunting case-shot. The following shot — to the driver directly in the head. Bleeding profusely, Vladimir has crawled to the apartment where neighbors have given him first aid and have called doctors. "Early in the morning from hospital I was called by acquaintances and have reported that Vova in resuscitation — the victim's mother Svetlana Fefilaktova has told RIA Novosti. — He was in a coma, breathed by means of the ventilator. The tomogram has shown that metal balls have got stuck all in millimeter from a brain. Also the neck and a back have been touched". Soon Vladimir was transferred to the Ekaterinburg clinic where he has spent more than two months. At last I have recovered consciousness. Because of strong damage of the left temporal share I didn't talk, however I understood everything, I recognized relatives and friends. "In the middle of May when the condition of the son was stabilized, he was written out — Svetlana continues. — At the same time doctors have told that to perform operation too big risk won't turn out — to touch cells of a brain. We were also warned that health will gradually worsen. For half a year Volodya has lost weight by 30 kilograms". Despite unfavourable forecasts, parents made every effort to save the son. But the miracle hasn't occurred — on August 2 27-year-old Vladimir has died. According to the expert opinion, the brain injury got as a result of a shot from the fowling piece of large caliber became a cause of death. "Vova was very kind and purposeful guy — friends of the dead say. — In two weeks prior to the tragedy he has left law-enforcement bodies and planned to get a job the driver — very much loved cars". For Fefilaktov' family the death of the son became already the second crushing blow — ten years ago they have lost the 14-year-old daughter.© Foto: Boxing Federation of the Republic of Crimea Business of "boots": as the leader of cruel gang from the Crimea remained on a svobodevinovnik of death of Vladimir — 36-year-old Pavel Nasonov who of law-enforcement bodies was dismissed in the 2008th. Since then he worked at the local plant. "Pavel was several days in hard drinking — the girlfriend of the dead, Alexander Rubtsov explains RIA Novosti. — That evening has seemed to him that the apartment break. He has got a gun sawn-off shotgun from the safe and has opened fire at an entrance door, and then has run out on a balcony and began to shoot at passersby". The field investigators who have arrived on a call have neutralized the shooter and have placed in a temporary detention center. Investigators have brought criminal case under the article "Attempted murder". Soon after arrest of the defendant have sent for passing judicial психиа



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