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To the USA have presented a concept of the interceptor of Russian "Daggers" - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

MOSCOW, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. The defensive and research agency DARPA presented to the American military the perspective Glide Breaker interceptor. It is supposed that it will become the answer of the USA to hypersonic weapon of Russia and China.© to the Photo: The Expert has told U.S. Navy about consequences of possible war with Russia for SSHAPO'S Naval Forces to data of the The Drive portal, the agency declared start of developmental works and has shown an aircraft concept at the D60 exhibition which took place from September 5 to September 7. Developers assume that the device will destroy hypersonic rockets of the opponent so-called kinetic interception at which the target is hit by all case of the device, and not just his military unit. "The purpose of the Glide Breaker program — to expand possibilities of the USA to defend against sverkhvukovy weapon and the whole class of hypersonic threats" — it was said in the July statement of DARPA on the project. The edition notes that the American military are concerned by the newest weapon of Russia — missile systems Avangard and "Dagger" and also the developments of arms of this kind which are conducted in China. Earlier the head of Northern command of Armed forces of the USA and Command of aerospace defense of North America general Terrence O'Shonessi has said that the territory of the country isn't protected from Russian and Chinese ракет.CC BY 2.0/brownpau/Pentagon Expert called two purposes of the statement of the general of the USA for the Russian weapon" We have to rethink fundamentally protection of our country and think over as we will be protected from the rival, equal on force" — I have told О'Шонесси at a conference of the National Guard of the USA. One of instruments of interception of rockets the general called the F-16 fighters. According to him, planes will be capable of it if to equip them with radars with the active phased antenna lattice. Also it was reported that the Lockheed Martin corporation has received the order for development of a prototype of the latest hypersonic aero ballistic missile from the U.S. Air Force. Works are estimated at 480 million dollars. There is a development and a hypersonic rocket of the HCSW project which the Pentagon expects by 2021. The teacher of the Military university Ministry of Defence Vladimir Karjakin called these plans optimistical. © Vitaly Podvitsky the Rocket race "The race of arms takes place, and we should consider that our probable opponents will try to compensate lag. Especially as we have "Dagger" — already in iron and is put on arms therefore they will try to catch up and this niche to fill. It is necessary to wait and look what at them will turn out" — the expert on air of radio Sputnik has told. By Karjakin's estimates, on development and test of a series of hypersonic rockets of the USA not less than five years.© of AP Photo/Alik Keplicz In the USA will be required have decided to create an analog of "Kinzhal" at the beginning of March Vladimir Putin in the message has told Federal Assembly about already tested samples of the latest Russian weapon. Among them — Kinzhal aviation complex, the Sarmatian missile system, cruise missiles with the nuclear petrel power station and laser weapon. President also



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