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To the thrown bank in the bus to the Chechen found work in Grozny ‍ - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti. The Chechen who threw to bank into passengers of the Moscow bus was employed in Grozny. The head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov in the Telegram-channel.© RIA Novosti / Said Tsarnaev reported about it to Pereyti in an image bank Kadyrov wrote down the video message after Nurmagomedov and Timati's conflict ‍ "The young hero of yesterday's Moscow adventures urgently arrived in Grozny. The resident of the village of Avtura of the Shalinsky Region of Turpal Hasiyev was him" — Kadyrov wrote. According to him, the Chechen arrived to Moscow on earnings. However now the issue of its employment is resolved: Hasiyev will work in Grozny. "From this minute Turpal will work, arranging well the city, cleaning streets and squares, planting flowers and saplings, in time watering them" — RIA Novosti / Said Tsarnaev is said in the publication.© to Pereyti in an image bank Kadyrov urged scientists to write a true story chechentsevrany Ramzan Kadyrov in the Telegram-channel rigidly reacted to the video published on social networks on which Husiyev in the subway with the words "Akhmat — Force" throws to bank from under the power engineering specialist in the person sitting opposite. The Governor of Chechnya urged the young man to get on the first plane to Grozny, and then together with relatives to come to it. "It is difficult to anger and enrage me. But today my indignation does not have a limit" — Kadyrov wrote. The head of the republic also apologized to the young people filmed and asked the brawler's "coordinates" for the subscribers, having added that he "does not personify the Chechen people, traditions and customs".© RIA Novosti / Alexander Astafyev of Pereyti in an image bank Chechnya becomes the self-sufficient region, declared Medvedevpozdney Husiyev asked forgiveness for the actions. The young man wrote down the video message in which he apologized for the act, having called it "unworthy". "Me the republics and my parents very strongly scolded my management" — he told. © the RIA Novosti / Press service of the Russian President Pereyti in an image bank Kadyrov commented on a call Rosgvardiya Navalny's head on duelvlast of Chechnya and clergy will carry out educational work with the young man who threw in public transport an aluminum jar with the words "Akhmat — Force" and his parents, the minister of Chechnya of national policy, external relations, the press and information Dzhambulat Umarov reported to RIA Novosti on Thursday. "Work with his parents is carried out, imams will be engaged in it. There is no task to send it to a scaffold, it, in fact, still the child, indicative quarterings will not be too. There will be a laborious work" — Umarov specified. He noticed that there is a set of examples when "grew from juvenile bastards thousands of great heroes if in time to begin to be engaged in them until they became criminals and maniacs". Akhmat is the name of football and combative clubs which exist in Grozny. And, the soccer team of masters till 2017 carried the name "Terek".



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