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To the Chinese who pretended to be a disabled person have forbidden to go by trains - RIA Novosti, 8/25/2018

BEIJING, 25 Aug – RIA Novosti. The China Railway company has forbidden the man who has taken the place of other passenger in the high-speed train and has refused to change to the place, to use railway transport for the uncertain period of time.© of AP Photo/Andy Wong In China have published the first black list пассажировИнцидент which has caused public indignation in China, has occurred on August 21 in the high-speed train Jinan — Beijing. In network video on which the man has taken a window seat in the car of economy class and I have refused to concede him to the passenger whom it intended under the ticket has extended. During the started dispute the man has said that the woman has three choice "to stand, sit down on his place or to go to restaurant car". The woman has preferred to address train conductors, however and they couldn't convince the man to overeat on the place. He has told the conductor that he isn't able to get up and he needs a wheelchair on arrival in Beijing. Finally he remained to sit in former place, and have offered the woman the place in a business class. After video has extended in network, Internet users have arranged mass "attack" to the man, having distributed the photo of his passport, a full name and other personal data, including a phone number. As a result he has published the video message with apologies, promised to correct the behavior and not to repeat similar mistakes in the future. In turn the China Railway Jinan Group company has reported that the man is fined 200 yuans, his offense is brought in the database about the social rating of citizens, he is also deprived of the right to buy the ticket for railway transport for the uncertain period of time.© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev will forbid to Pass into an image bank In China to people with the low "social credit" путешествоватьЭто not the first case in trains which has caused a public response in China. In January of this year the school teacher held doors of the going high-speed train that her late husband could be in time. Later the woman was discharged from office. In March of this year the authorities of China declared that since May 1 they begin to introduce the so-called system of "the social rating of citizens" which assumes the ban on use of an avia - and by rail to offenders for up to one year. According to rules, threats concerning the staff of the airports, stations, fights and scandals, unauthorized opening or closing of the emergency exits, theft, use forbidden onboard electronic devices in addition are among offenses. Those who will take others place or the luggage shelf are also considered as violators. Information on violators is monthly brought in special base by means of cooperation of vessels of different steps through the whole country, law enforcement agencies, aviation and railway administrations of the country. According to weight of perfect offense, citizens won't be able to buy tickets for trains and planes during the certain period after which their names will be automatically removed and



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