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To profit at the expense of the rich neighbor. Eastern Europe steals from Germany grants - RIA Novosti, 8/16/2018

Vladimir Ardayev, the observer of RIA of Novostiv of Germany has burst serious scandal. It has turned out that hundreds of thousands of recipients of children's grants don't live in the country at all. Generally it is citizens of neighboring states — Poland, Romania, Bulgaria. Using rules of the EU, they come to Germany, make out to themselves social payments and return home, continuing to receive the help. About "rather honest" ways of depriving of money at the rich neighbor — in material of RIA Novosti. © RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo Pereyti in an image bank In Germany the government has legalized the third полВ June children's grants from the German government have arrived to 270 thousand minors which are outside the country — money was transferred to foreign accounts. From them only 31,5 thousand — citizens of Germany, and this indicator doesn't change long ago. But the number of recipients of grants grows in Eastern Europe. For example, eight years ago in Romania such wasn't at all, and today — 19 thousand. In Bulgaria — seven thousand. In Poland only for the last three years 15 thousand, in the Czech Republic — five thousand have increased. It would seem, not so there is a lot of, considering that in Germany 15 million children. However it is about very notable sums. In Germany parents receive 194 euros a month on the first two children. On the third child — 200 more euros. On everyone the subsequent — for 225 euros. As a result the family with four children needs a grant of 619 euros, with five — 844 euros. For comparison: the average salary in Bulgaria — 400 euros, in Hungary — less than 450 euros. As they say, feel a difference. Under the all-European laws if the citizen of the European Union lives in the territory of any EU Member State, he has the right for grants. In Germany accommodation is confirmed by registration which can be issued, having rented apartment and having signed the lease contract. After that it is necessary to confirm presence of children, and here to you the help. Social services of Germany sound the alarm: they suspect long ago that the set of the firms organizing grants citizens of the East European countries according to various roguish schemes works in the country. The German media report buses with Roma who are brought to Germany to issue the help, about "children for rent", about a mass forgery of birth certificates. That is it is possible that the German taxpayers give social support to a great number of just nonexistent children. The most elementary roguish scheme looks so. The citizen of a certain East European country comes to Germany, removes the cheapest housing, then with the lease contract and birth certificates of children goes to a town hall where registers all of them in the apartment. Then addresses to social services, and they grant an allowance to all children whom he has registered at himself. At the same time it isn't required to show children usually. "The minimum set of papers happens enough to issue the help. Besides that the German birth certificate strongly differs, for example, from Russian — it not on the form and not on stamped paper, and on the simple sheet A4 signed and sealed. To forge



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