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Time passes "back" during gamma flashes, astronomers - RIA Novosti, have found 8/13/2018

MOSCOW, 13 Aug — RIA Novosti. The range of gamma flashes, most powerful explosions in the Universe, comprises the anomalies similar to if time in the course of these cataclysms went back, but not forward. The scientists who have published article in Astrophysical Journal.© L.Elenin/ISON-NM the Russian scientists have come to such conclusion have recorded the brightest gamma flash in five years "We don't say that this phenomenon really exists in reality and breaks laws of causality. It is quite possible that this radiation was generated by bunches of particles or the shock wave which has faced "spittle" of gamma splash and reflected back. Both that and other scenario isn't described by any theoretical model" — Jon Hakkila from the University of the Charleston (USA) has said. Flashes of gamma radiation, echoes of space cataclysms length from several seconds to several minutes, have for the first time found the American satellites intended for registration of the Soviet nuclear tests in 1968. Today similar flashes arise approximately once a day in galaxies, very far from us. Many astronomers assume that they happen during explosions of especially large stars and on the first phases of their transformation into black holes. When such star perishes, force of an attraction of the generated black hole or a neutron star is so high that the thrown-out clouds of matter of the former star unite in "bagel" which rotates around the central object. A part of this disk is absorbed by a black hole, and the remains disperse to okolosvetovy speeds and are thrown out external space in the form of dzhet, narrow bunches of matter. During this promotion of matter the perishing star generates so much energy and light how many the star of a class of the Sun develops for all the life. That, how exactly occurs this process, scientists don't know yet and argue on his essence over the last 50 years. © NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center the Brightest gamma flash has cast a shadow on physics gamma всплесковХаккила and his colleagues have found new and at the same time absolutely unexpected line of gamma splashes, having paid attention that the range of these space disasters looked differently at observations by means of telescopes with low and high sensitivity. It has suggested to them an idea that excessively high brightness of gamma flashes can smear their range, hiding certain details in its structure, capable to prompt to us that generates these cataclysms.
Being guided by this idea, they have analysed data which were collected by the Compton space telescope during observations of six most powerful gamma flashes arising in the last several decades and have tried to remove from them noise. As it has appeared, all six flashes had the complex structure not similar to a typical flat range of gamma splashes, and at the same time contained anomalies which were extremely difficult to be explained. They represented special wavy structures which have been turned in time as if their beginning was in the end of flash, and the end — during the first moments after



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