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Thousands of believers in Damascus have celebrated Eid al-Adha - RIA Novosti, 8/23/2018

DAMASCUS, 23 Aug – RIA Novosti. Thousands of Muslims in the capital of Syria have celebrated Eid al-Adha, celebrations have begun with feast's prayers in mosques of Damascus, and then have continued in the city markets where by tradition distribute mutton, sweets and other products to the poor. A sacrifice holiday Eid al-Adha (in Turkic) or the Eid al-Adha (in Arab) — one of the main holidays of Muslims. He is noted in the 10th day of month of a zul-hidzh of the Islamic lunar calendar and three days proceed. This year RIA Novosti / Dmitry Vinogradov has begun to Pass Eid al-Adha into an image bank Syria on August.© 21 wants to develop religious tourism for Russians" On a holiday it is accepted to cut lambs and to divide meat into three parts. One part — to the owner, the second — as a gift to guests, the third — for poor families. From each ram approximately on 15 pieces we distribute to poor people, I am not sorry at all as if I don't distribute, Allah won't be mercy to me" — the butcher in the city market Muhammad Osama Hamberi has told. The whole day at Hamberi's bench the line of persons interested to receive the portion of fresh mutton crowded. However not only owners of farms and butchers do charity work during a holiday — people with prosperity buy rams to distribute meat to needy. "Rich Muslims who are able to afford to buy a ram have to distribute a part of meat to poor families. I do it not only on holidays, I understand that now in Syria hard times and in the country there were much more families which need the help" — the owner of clothing store in Damascus Mezhdil Halyabi who has bought several lambs for the poor has noted. In other market of Damascus which streets are brightly decorated with paper lamps and tags the festive fair works with sweets. Owners of benches distribute free of charge to all needy candies, cakes and pastries. "My ancestors have opened this shop in 1860. In days of a holiday we surely distribute sweets to poor people and families of the soldiers and officers who have died at protection of our country against terrorists. Separate thanks wants to be told the Russian army for the help to Syria" — the owner of a bench Abu-Bader Yassin Haidar has told. Haidar has added that in day of a holiday only in his bench free of charge distribute goods for the sum about 3 million Syrian pounds (about 6 thousand dollars). "The thought that I will make life of poor family slightly more sweet in days of a holiday is more expensive than any money to me, my great-grandfather, the grandfather and the father in the same way did" — the owner of shop has noted. In the suburbs of Damascus seriously injured by terrorists during fighting, in days of a holiday special attention is paid to the refugees and people who have lost housing and means of livelihood. In particular, in the city of Yalda the center for assistance to refugees where they can receive coupons on free products works. "Our organization helps refugees who have come from Yarmuk who is almost completely destroyed by war here. We issue them coupons on free meat during a holiday, on hands each family one coupon according to which people can receive 1,5 kilograms of mutton" — I have told сотр



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