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Thousand and one planet: as two probes of NASA have made a revolution in science - RIA Novosti, 11/8/2018

Telescope Kepler and probe Dawn
MOSCOW, 08 Nov — RIA Novosti. Until recently scientists considered that Earth has no analogs outside Solar system. But thanks to two missions of NASA — the Kepler space telescope and the probe Dawn, these representations have been destroyed. RIA Novosti tells about revolution in astronomy. "Thirty five years ago, when have started talking about creation of Kepler, we didn't know any planet out of Solar system. Now it is established that it is more planets in the Galaxy, than stars. Kepler has shown: future generations of people of Earth have quite real chance of studying and colonization of the Milky Way" — the website of NASA cites words of William Borucki, the first research supervisor of a mission. Until the end of the last century the picture of the Galaxy was quite simple. Astronomers believed that in her billions of stars, a quantity of black holes, huge gas-and-dust fogs and also thousands of pulsars and other "burned-out" stars. The lack of certificates on other worlds forced planetologists to guess what unique conditions have developed in Solar system in order that here at once nine planets.© of ESO/N were formed. Astronomers have found Bartmann/ water traces on "cousins of Earth" in the TRAPPIST-1Pervye system planets out of Solar system have discovered not where expected at all — in the neighborhood of just one of "dead" stars, a pulsar of PSR B1257 12 in Virgo constellation. In 1992 the Polish astronomers have noticed the unusual violations in the frequency of his radio flashes which have indicated existence of at least one satellite. Further observations of this object called by Leitch have revealed a source of these anomalies — two large stony planets rotating very close to a pulsar. This opening has raised a number of new questions before astronomers: how many planets in the Milky Way, than incredibly high mass of space suite of Leitch is caused whether there are differences between planets of usual stars and pulsars how there are these celestial bodies and whether there is on them life? © John Pinfield Astronomers have spent the first the census of "planets derelicts" Galaktikidolgy time was necessary to be limited to hypotheses as planetologists had no experience of carrying out large-scale "census" of the worlds outside Solar system, as well as an opportunity "to feel" her presumable stroyblok which traces have remained in asteroids and comets. The classical ways of opening of planets relying on small shifts in a range of a luminescence of stars and frequency of flashes of pulsars suited for search of ekzomir only at single stars. Partial "census" only of the next vicinities of the Sun would borrow scientists of century if not thousands of years. It has become possible thanks to development of computer technologies and emergence of a new technique of search of exoplanets — the so-called "transit method" sacrificing the accuracy of observations for the sake of very essential increase in the speed and mass character of similar opening.© of the Photo: Scientists have found University of Hertfordshire/Neil Cook the planet remote from a star километровРечь goes on one trillion not only about increase in power onboard and on



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