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The Yugra bank was declared bankrupt - RIA Novosti, 9/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — RIA Novosti. The arbitration court of Moscow has declared bankrupt the Yugra bank entering before revocation of license in top-30 credit institutions, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the courtroom tells. © RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank of the Central Bank I have revoked the license from the Moscow "Grand invest of bank" concerning bank have opened bankruptcy proceedings for one year. The Deposit Insurance Agency will perform functions of the receiver. Earlier in the Central Bank have noted that the difference between obligations and assets of Yugra exceeds 143 billion rubles. The property of bank costs about 56,3 billion rubles, but not fulfilled obligations are estimated at 199,3 billion rubles.© RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank In the Central Bank have announced the termination of a massive stage of revocation of licenses of a bankovaktiva of Yugra at the time of filing of application about bankruptcy reached a point of 196,7 billion rubles, the obligation — of 198,3 billion. According to lawyers, further depreciation of assets has happened because of additional accrual of reserves on problem debt and revaluations of the securities belonging to the financial organization. The representative of owners of bank, in turn, has said that at the time of revocation of license in August of last year the cost of property of Yugra was more than 232,5 billion rubles, and obligations — about 196,5 billion rubles. He has appealed to court to claim credit files of 105 borrowers according to which obligations doformirovat reserves. Besides, the representative of bank petitioned for purpose of judicial examination for assessment of property of Yugra. However the court hasn't satisfied both request.© RIA Novosti / Natalya Seliverstova to Pass into an image bank of the Central Bank has revoked the license from Kostroma Aksonbankapredstavitel of the Central Bank has said that arguments of owners of Yugra were already rejected by court in two other processes in which the ex-management of bank tried to challenge operations of the regulator. Owners of Yugra demanded to recognize as illegal orders of the Bank of Russia on appointment of temporary administration and declaration of the moratorium on payments to creditors. They also tried to challenge the order of the Central Bank on revocation of license. The insured event with Yugra became the largest during clearing of a banking system in Russia. The Deposit Insurance Agency estimated the total amount of payments of compensation to investors at 169,2 billion rubles.



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