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The worst week of Trump. Whether will reach an impeachment? - RIA Novosti, 8/25/2018

MOSCOW, 25 Aug — RIA Novosti, Georgy Asatryan. The American liberal media put the enormous pressure upon colleagues of the owner of the Oval office. The speech writer Darren Beatty has lost a position. Charges are brought to the lawyer Michael Coen. And the American court has already found the former head of the campaign headquarters famous for friendship with the Ukrainian elite, Mike Manafort guilty. It seems that Trump's opponents "move away" his associates, gradually approaching the most 45th U.S. President. It is known that Donald Trump is the person extraordinary and bright. He considers himself "the stable genius" and estimates the work on the president's post without false modesty on "five with plus". But loses team. In the USA the furious information campaign continues. Trump is accused both of racism, and of treachery, and of "communications with Russians". The establishment has already given up as a bad job career of such mastodons of the American policy as the adviser for national security general Michael Flynn, the main strategist of the White House Stephen Bannon, the head of administration Reince Priebus, the director of communications Anthony Skaramuchchi, the press secretary Sean Spicer. Posts and the director of FBI James of Komi, and the Acting Prosecutor General Sallie Yeats haven't kept. All of them "were killed in action" with the American media and establishment which "Clouds Are Condensed" continue to splash out a compromising evidence on Trump.© team of REUTERS/Leah Millis. The expert of "mistake" Trampav Monday, August 20, became known of dismissal of the speech writer president Darren Beatty. It was preceded by information published by CNN TV channel that externally quite intelligent Beatty in the 2016th has made a speech in Munich at a conference of white nationalists. He came true: "I have made the independent academic speech under the name "Intellectuals and Right". I didn't make any radical and illegal statements". But it is vain. Trump didn't want to discharge the speech writer, he was happy with his work. And Beatty has been located to Trump: "I love the president, he is a fearless American hero, I support him for hundred percent". But, despite mutual feelings, information pressure has forced one of the most influential people of the world to crawfish and lose one more reliable person in team. It is difficult to tell, whether the racist Beatty, whether the supporter he theories of superiority of white or his tours to Germany — really a part of the academic activity. But it is possible not to doubt: Trump's opponents look for a compromising evidence on all his environment. By the way, it is not the first speech writer who had to be dismissed because of pressure and charges of "dishonourableness". At the beginning of a year David Sorenson making texts for Trump has also lost a position. Charge of his wife of domestic violence was the cause. "We have learned about the brought charges and have at once asked him to clear whether they are true. He denied everything and today has left" — have said then in the White House. Also Trump hasn't kept from comments: "We have learned about it recently and have been very surprised, however definitely we wish him all the best". On it Trump's failures not законч



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