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"The worst mistake" of the USA. As Trump makes a revolution - RIA Novosti, 9/21/2018

MOSCOW, 21 Sep — RIA Novosti, Anton Lisitsyn. Donald Trump called invasion to the Middle East "the worst mistake for all history of the USA". He considers a failure also attempts of the predecessor Barack Obama to disengage troops from Iraq. Trump criticizes the American foreign policy long ago. Actually he urges to refuse the concept of "moral leadership", not to climb in affairs of other states and to focus on internal problems. "Though Obama, perhaps, has done wrong, having brought soldiers from there, but to enter them there was, in my opinion, the biggest mistake which was made ever in the history of our country" — Trump has told. Also I have added: "Seven trillion dollars and millions of lives, I consider losses on both sides. Millions of lives". Trump said that the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have turned back a failure for the American foreign policy and earlier. For example, during the election campaign in the 2015th. Being only an "ordinary" multibillionaire, he has reminded that he always opposed invasion into Iraq. In the Middle East he proved the catastrophic nature of actions of the White House on an eloquent example: fighters of Islamic State (IS) * then occupied oil fields of the region. It is low Trump and military qualities of those who helped Washington to introduce democracy in Iraq estimated. According to him, "at the first shot" Iraqis run from the battlefield, leaving to the opponent the American arms and the equipment. "The enemy has got two thousand three hundred army all-terrain vehicles" — Trump.© has specified AP Photo/Luis Magana Trump: the war in Iraq the USA destabilized Near Vostokon knew on what feelings of the voter to play. On poll of Pew Research Center, 38 percent of Americans didn't approve use of Armed forces of the USA in Iraq, intervention have supported 50 percent. The country has broken up, and the number of supporters of invasion constantly decreased by the Middle East. Trump's predecessors at presidential post recognized too that they have committed follies in Middle Eastern policy. Obama, leaving the White House, in December the 2016th I have told: "Some errors of invasion of 2003 initially also promoted growth of the organization which has become known as ISIL *". Handing over a post, he has tried to respond to reproaches that so-called "caliphate" has resulted from withdrawal of troops from Iraq. And George Bush in the 2007th agreed that in Iraq something went wrong. However, and he has undertaken to correct errors in the habitual way — to the Middle Eastern country captured by war the same year in addition have sent 21,5 thousand servicemen.© of AP Photo/Ronald Zak In Iran have urged the USA to leave Near Vostokdirektor Fonda studying of the USA of Roosevelt at MSU Yury Rogulev in a conversation with RIA Novosti reminds that Washington tries to get out of a Middle Eastern trap long ago: presidents realized problem scale, only the rhetoric changed. "Trump has more economic approach. He considers all these events in the Middle East that they haven't brought to America anything, except expenses. And always I gave it as to the prima



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