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The USA has urged parties of the conflict to avoid in Yemen the victims among the population - RIA Novosti, 9/2/2018

WASHINGTON, 2 Sep — RIA Novosti. The USA urges parties of the conflict to observe the law on armed conflicts in Yemen, it is said in the statement of the official representative of State Department Heather Nauert.© of AFP 2018/Ahmad Al-Basha In Yemen has fired at the truck World food a programmygruppa according to incidents as a part of the Arab coalition which is at war in Yemen has come to a conclusion that the blow in August to the bus in Yemen the province of Saada was unjustified, but has said at the same time that in him there were commanders of insurgents Houthis, but not children. The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has made on August 9 the air strike on the bus near Dakhyan to the Provinces of Saada in the north of Yemen. Among civilians have reported authorities of insurgents Houthis and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) about tens of the victims. According to ICRC, as a result of blow 50 people, the majority of whom children, have died. In the statement of State Department it is noted that the USA has taken withdrawals of Group into account and also the statement of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia "about revision of rules of the involvement (in the conflict in Yemen — an edition), to involvement of those who have made a mistake to responsibility and to compensation allocation to the victims" airstrike.© of AFP 2018/Ahmad Al-Basha Participants of the conflict in Yemen violated human rights, have said in the UN "We still urge all parties to observe the Law on armed conflicts, to minimize damage to civilians and civil infrastructure and also to carefully investigate and provide accountability of any violations. It is extremely important that all parties worked on the comprehensive political decision to avoid causing further damage to the Yemen people" — I have noted Nauert. According to her, the USA "completely supports" efforts of the UN special envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths who prepares for consultations in Geneva on the Yemen settlement with the assistance of warring parties. "All parties have to interact structurally and honestly to work on creation of safe, stable and peace Yemen" — I have said Nauert. The war in Yemen between the government and the Shiite movement of insurgents Houthis "Ansar Alla" continues since 2014, since March, 2015 the coalition of the Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia is involved in it on the party of the authorities.



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