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The USA has said that can't apply to Russia the same sanctions that to Iran - RIA Novosti, 9/27/2018

MOSCOW, 27 Sep — RIA Novosti. The American sanctions against Russia are aimed at individuals and the enterprises unlike restrictions against DPRK or Iran as the Russian economy is large-scale and well integrated into the international financial system and trade, follows from the message of the Assistant Secretary of finance of the USA Marshall Billingslea. © RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresensky to Pass into an image bank In the MFA have told about creation of conditions for work with Iran after sanctions of SShAV a performance before subcommittee on financial services and trade of the USA of Houses of Representatives committee of Billingslea has said that the Ministry of Finance chooses different approaches for imposing of sanctions on the different countries, in particular Russia, Iran and DPRK. "Russia differs from other countries subject to sanctions of the USA, in several important things … For example, we can't counteract aggression of the Russian Federation, using the same approach which we apply to Northern Korea or Iran. Russia has a large-scale economy which is well integrated into world economy, the international financial system and world supply channels. On the contrary, DPRK and Iran considerably or have been completely isolated from the international financial system within decades" — the assistant to the Finance Minister of the USA has noted. He has added that taking into account these features the States use tools of the ministry as much as possible to put pressure upon Russia, at the same time minimizing side effects from these sanctions for the USA, their European allies and world economy.© of REUTERS/Carlo Allegri Settlement of the Iranian problem can't be reduced to sanctions, has said Makronv quality of an example of Billingslea gives a situation with sanctions against the Russian businessmen Oleg Deripaska and Victor Vekselberg and their key assets — RUSAL and EN and Renova Group. In spite of the fact that their companies are inseparably linked with world economy and are integrated into chains of deliveries, sanctions against them have been imposed, Billingslea reports. "As a result of sanctions the personal capital of Deripaska was reduced more, than by 50%, the value of the stock of EN at the London exchange has fallen … the personal capital of Vekselberg was reduced approximately by 3 billion dollars, the foreign governments have begun investigations concerning hit him in the sanctions list of the USA, and his assets are frozen in several jurisdictions. Besides, Renova Group has been forced to get rid of the enterprises in Switzerland and Italy" — the Assistant Secretary has reported. Billingslea has specified that since January, 2017 the administration of the USA has imposed sanctions against 232 natural and legal entities working in key sectors of the Russian economy. Since 2014 the Ministry of Finance has imposed the blocking sanctions against 14 financial institutions and sectoral sanctions against 124 financial institutions and their large "daughters". In particular, in the energy sector under the American sanctions there were 20 Russian firms, under sectoral sanctions — 80 more Infographics Imposition of Sanctions companies.© against Russia and reciprocal steps



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