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The USA has imposed sanctions against sanatoria of the Crimea - RIA Novosti, 11/9/2018

MOSCOW, 9 Nov — RIA Novosti. The USA has imposed sanctions against three Crimean sanatoria and the Southern Project company which belongs to Bank Rossiya of Yury Kovalchuk, RIA Novosti / Grigory Sysoyev is reported on the website of the American Ministry of Finance.© to Pass into an image bank In the State Duma have urged the USA to cease to tell with Russia language sanktsiyvsy in the list nine organizations. Among them — "Ah-Understand sanatoria", Dyulber and Miskhor. Also Southern Project belonging to Bank Rossiya of Yury Kovalchuk who has taken 100% of shares of the Crimean plant of sparkling wines "New World" at the end of 2017 was included in the list. In the list the sanatorium of Mriya Resort & Spa and its management company LLC Garant-SV also appears. in the document of the Ministry of Finance it is explained that in this complex the Yalta economic forum which is intended to attract investments into the region has taken place. Besides, the "Agency of infrastructure projects" which has concluded in February with the authorities of Sevastopol the cooperation agreement on attraction of investments into the project of complex development of Balaklava Bay.© of AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite the Expert is entered in the list I have estimated chances of adoption of the project by the congress about anti-Russian to a sanktsiyakhtakzha of the sanction are entered against the KRYMTETS company which has been founded on April 18, 2003 for the purpose of increase in own generating peninsula capacities. In its structure the Simferopol and Kamysh-Burunsky combined heat and power plant and also Saksky thermal networks. The American citizens and the companies are forbidden to run business with these organizations, all their property in jurisdiction of the USA is frozen. Earlier the special representative of State Department of the USA to Ukraine Curt Volcker told journalists that sanctions are imposed against investment projects, subjects to privatization and the natural persons supporting integration of the Crimea into structure of Russia. The head of committee of parliament of the Republic of Crimea of health resort and tourism Alexey Chernyak has told RIA Novosti that inclusion of three Crimean sanatoria in the sanctions list of the USA will become for them good international advertizing and assessment of quality.© of the Photo: The personal page of Alexey Chep In the State Duma called new sanctions of the USA continuation internal political борьбыПо to his words, thanks to these sanctions in the world not only the Crimea, but also his sanatorium objects is popularized. He has assured that restrictive measures won't cause to the Crimea any damage, but at the same time will become good additional international advertizing to three medical and improving centers. According to Chernyak, now foreign tourists will want to visit sanatoria which opposes as the USA. "It means that there is something really unique. It is the highest mark of quality to our objects of improvement" — he has emphasized. Won't influence work of sanatoria of the sanction, they will continue the work, investors already invest money in their development today, Chernyak has told. The deputy of the State Duma from the Crimean peninsula Ruslan Balbek considers that "Ah-Understand the American sanctions against sanatoria", Dyulber and Miskhor are a shot wide of the mark. © the RIA Novosti / Maxims of Pancakes to Pass into an image bank "Too бо



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