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The USA has forbidden export to the Estonian companies for deliveries of electronics to Russia - RIA Novosti, 10/1/2018

WASHINGTON, 1 Oct – RIA Novosti. Ministry of Trade of the USA on Tuesday will limit export activity of two Estonian companies for illegal export of production to Russia, RIA Novosti the document.© AP Photo/LM Otero Russia demonstrates available has waved a hand on the West? In the USA zadumalisprovedenny investigation by management of the industry and safety of Ministry of Trade of the USA has shown that the Eastline Technologies and Adimir companies registered in Estonia and also the Russian Real Components Ltd and related Valery Kosmachev (it is registered in Estonia) and Sergey Vetrov (it is registered in the Russian Federation) have been involved in deliveries of the American electronic production to Russia bypassing the operating restrictions. Kosmachev and Vetrov's nationality isn't specified. "Eastline, Adimir, Kosmachev and Vetrov by means of a transfer through Estonia and Finland have been involved in conscious violation of the rules, the concerning purchases of the American production which export to Russia is limited. At the same time they provided unreliable information about the final customer and the final destination of production to the American suppliers and the U.S. Government" — it is said in the document published on the website of the federal U.S. Government. The official publication of the decision will take place on Tuesday, October 2. A ban on granting "export privileges" is imposed for 180 days and can be appealed or prolonged. © AP Photo/Mark J. Pompeo's Terrill on protection of America: Russia doesn't bring benefit to the USA? According to Ministry of Trade, a final customer of production was the Russian company Real Components Ltd which owner has called Sergey Vetrov. In spite of the fact that claim in Ministry of Trade of the USA, Kosmachev has formally departed from company management of Adimir and Eastline in 2016 which co-owner until the end of 2016 was also Vetrov, both continued to do business on behalf of the companies. The last cases of sending production from the USA have been recorded in September, 2018, Ministry of Trade of the USA reports. Due to the revealed violations department considers necessary "to warn individuals and the companies in the USA and abroad that they should reduce interaction and export deliveries of components with the specified companies and persons". The document for the specified time frame forbids granting Eastline, Adimir and related persons of export licenses, negotiating on purchases or financing of transactions and also forbids interaction with them. © Infographics Imposition of sanctions against Russia and reciprocal steps



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