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The USA doesn't try to undermine defense capability of Russia, has stated in State Department - RIA Novosti, 9/20/2018

WASHINGTON, 20 Sep — RIA Novosti. The USA by input of sanctions against the Russian defensive industry doesn't try to undermine defense capability of Russia or other countries, has stated in State Department.© of REUTERS/Leah Millis the Political scientist: Trump sees that not to break Russia sanctions, бойкотомВ Thursday of the USA have imposed sanctions against the staff of the Ministry of Defence of China and Rosboroneksport because of transactions on purchase of the Russian planes and the missile systems S-400. Measures are taken according to provisions of the law "About Counteraction to Opponents of America by means of Sanctions" (CAATSA) of 2017. "The section 231 CAATSA and today's actions aren't directed to blasting military potential or combat readiness of any country, and rather directed to conferring responsibility on Russia in response to her intervention in electoral process in the USA, her unacceptable behavior in the east of Ukraine and other malicious actions" — it is said in the statement of State Department. Besides, U.S. authorities have blacklisted a number of the Russian companies for communications with the defensive and prospecting sector. Inclusion of the companies in such list doesn't mean automatic imposition of sanctions against them, but means such opportunity in the future. Besides, foreign partners of such persons and the companies as it and has happened to the People's Republic of China also can fall under sanctions. Now under sanctions there are many enterprises of the Russian OPK. After adoption of law of CAATSA of the sanction became possible to Pass concerning all branch.© RIA Novosti / Alexey Vitvitsky into an image bank In European Parliament called sanctions against Russia "the ridiculous farce" of the Relation of the Russian Federation and the western countries have worsened in communication by a situation in Ukraine and around the Crimea. The West, having accused Russia of intervention, I have imposed sanctions against it. Moscow has taken the answer-back measures, has headed for import substitution and more than once stated that to talk to it in language of sanctions counterproductive. Russia stated more than once that it isn't the party of the intra Ukrainian conflict and is interested in that Ukraine has overcome a political and economic crisis. Investigation of the "intervention" in the American elections imputed to Russia and also alleged communications of the U.S. President Donald Trump with the Russian Federation which disprove in the White House and in the Kremlin is conducted by the special prosecutor Robert Müller and also in both chambers of the U. S. Congress. The Russian authorities deny charges of intervention, calling them unsubstantiated.



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