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The U.S. Treasury Secretary has stated a position on trade negotiations with China - RIA Novosti, 10/2/2018

MOSCOW, 2 Oct — RIA Novosti. The United States are ready to resume trade negotiations with China, however in it "there is no haste", the U.S. Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin has said in an interview to AFP 2018/Frederick J Fox News.© TV channel. Brown Inadmissible losses: the USA counts losses from trade war "the President (the USA — an edition) I said that if China wants to submit the relevant proposals for consideration, to make essential changes to protection of our technologies and to establish fair balance in trade, then we will listen to them. However in it there is no haste" — Mnuchin has said. "The president has said extremely clearly. Recently duties have been introduced, we warned about them earlier this summer. The president has clearly told, and his economic team completely shares his opinion that we won't begin to constrain process of introduction of duties only for the sake of promises (Beijing — an edition). China needs to reconsider (the position — an edition) - he has added. Besides, Mnuchin has commented on the conclusion of the new trade agreement of USMCA, having called him "revolutionary". According to the minister, the agreement will help to increase quantity of jobs in the USA and also, answering a question of the leader, Mnuchin has assured that the agreement won't lead to increase in prices for cars in the USA and won't squeeze out from this country of small car makers. Before the USA, Canada and Mexico have reached the tripartite trade agreement which will be called USMCA instead of NAFTA now. Trump hopes to sign the agreement until the end of November, still parliaments of three countries.© should approve the transaction RIA Novosti / Alexander Yuryev won't help to Pass into an image bank Pressure of the USA with him in the solution of trade contradictions, have declared in Kitayeobeshchaniye to achieve fair trade relations with partners was one of the main election pledges of Trump. His special irritation is caused by trade with the People's Republic of China. As a result in July of the current year the USA has actually launched trade war with China when have introduced duty into 25% for import of 818 names of goods from China with a total amount of deliveries of 34 billion dollars a year. As a counter-measure China has introduced duty into 25% for import of equivalent volume of the American goods on the same day. In August the USA has introduced duty into 25% for import of the Chinese goods of 16 billion dollars. Right after it the Chinese side has entered similar measures. In the USA we are dissatisfied with a trade imbalance between two countries which, by estimates of Washington, makes 500 billion dollars in favor of China. Beijing in turn considers an imbalance a consequence of domestic economic policy of the USA.



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