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"The undressing beams" helped physics to create from Russia ideal nanopowder - RIA Novosti, 11.10.2018

MOSCOW, 11 Oct – RIA Novosti. Uchenye from Novosibirsk found out how it is possible to use terahertz radiation for production of "ideal" nanopowders and suspensions from any metal or other materials. The press service of Institute of nuclear physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science tells about it. © Physics Depositphotos/hquality from MSU applied "the undressing beams" to assessment of dryness of eyes "Initially we subjected to influence of the laser diatomovy seaweed which floated in water in a brass container. We noticed that solution is painted, studied its structure and found out that under the influence of radiation at us a peculiar brass shaving which served as "dye" for solution turned out" — Alexander Kozlov from Institute of chemical kinetics and burning of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science explains. Terahertz radiation is among the most perspective directions of researches in the field of optics, microelectronics and in other hi-tech spheres. In the long term, waves of this kind can be adapted for superfast information transfer, observation of work of living cells in real time and sets of other purposes. When such beams face matter, "opaque" to them, such as metal or water, they are absorbed by it and develop electric fields which power can strongly vary. Recently Russian physicists found out that strengthening of this field leads to the fact that "the undressing beams" begin to burn metal and to leave "scars" on its surface.© to the Photo: Mikhail Agranat Uchenye from Russia created the terahertz "laser" destroying metallkozl and his colleagues opened one more manifestation of this phenomenon, trying to use terahertz radiation to study internal structure and properties of various seaweed which were in metal vessels. Their experiences unexpectedly showed that at increase in power of the generator of "the undressing beams" to a certain threshold, the impulses of T-beams made by it begin "to peel" capacity walls. As a result of it in solution there is a large number of the nanoparticles ideally similar at each other whose form and the sizes depend on length of these flashes and their intensity. As showed further experiments and observations, a key role in formation of these particles was played by the water which transformed bunches of T-beams to the ultrasonic impulses destroying the surface of metal. © Photo: Alexander Bryazgin - Nuclear physicists increased a period of storage of herring and forcemeat in four razaotkryv this phenomenon, scientists checked whether terahertz radiation will affect the same way and other materials. For this purpose they shipped a graphite electrode in water and irradiated it by means of similar flashes. It appeared, as in this case there were nanoparticles of an ideal form and the sizes that made discovery of the Russian physicists especially valuable from the practical point of view. Now depth of action of radiation is only several micron that does production of nanopowders by extremely slow occupation. To receive even one gram of powder, пр



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