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The UN special envoy has commented on absence of delegation of Houthis in Geneva - RIA Novosti, 9/8/2018

GENEVA, 8 Sep — RIA Novosti. The UN special envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths has said that he doesn't perceive absence of delegation of Houthis in Geneva as "fundamental blockade" of negotiation process. The interyemen consultations after a two-year break had to begin on Thursday in Geneva with the assistance of insurgents Houthis and internationally recognized authorities of Yemen headed by the president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi who is supported by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The day before it became known that the delegation of Houthis couldn't take off from Sana'a as the coalition hasn't granted permission for take-off of the plane onboard which Houthis planned to take out seriously ill and wounded. Later the representative of the coalition has said that permission to flight of the plane has been given, but they were frightened to go. The lack of one of delegations hasn't prevented Griffiths to begin informal consultations with representatives of the authorities of Yemen with which he has held a meeting on Wednesday evening then his office declared renewal of negotiation process with the assistance of two parties on Friday. "I don't perceive it as fundamental blockade of process" — Griffiths at a press conference on Saturday has said. He has emphasized that "logistic difficulties" have happened "not for the first time", and the organization of participation of various delegations in negotiations is "a delicate and difficult question". Griffiths has also added that he is going to hold negotiations with representatives of Houthis in the capital of Oman Muscat and in the capital of Yemen to Sana'a. "I have to go to Muscat during the next several days, and, it is possible as well to Sana'a to hold negotiations with Houthis" — the special envoy has said. At the same time, Griffiths has noted that, despite the incomplete list of participants, the taken place negotiations have opened "the road to the world" in Yemen. "For me important aspect of these three days is that we have begun consultations, process … return to peaceful settlement. Of course, not absolutely in that look as we would like it, but everything has begun" — he has emphasized. The special envoy has explained what during three-day "fruitful consultations" with delegation of the authorities of Yemen was discussed including release of prisoners, opening of the airport of Sana'a and also economic and humanitarian issues. The conflict in Yemen between the government and Shiite insurgents Houthis from the movement "Ansar Alla" continues since 2014. The coalition of the Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia has interfered with the conflict on the party of the authorities in March, 2015.



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