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The Ukrainian TV channel has predicted to the country extinction - RIA Novosti, 8/24/2018

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. In 200 years Ukrainians can die out as the nation, and the future of Ukraine is quite illusive, it is told in a plot of the TSN news program on the TV channel 1 1.© Pass RIA Novosti / Stringer in an image bank of Ukraine becomes less. And will be still меньшеОколо quarters of the century back number of Ukrainians made 52 million people soon, and since then the population of the country is continuously laid off, told in the special project devoted to a subject. It is noted that in 2000 in Ukraine there lived 49 million people, and in the 2010th — already about 46. And at the moment, according to official figures, the population of Ukraine makes 42 million people. The TV channel notes that any prospects of growth of the population remain foggy, at the same time only one is obvious: forecasts of the international organizations about what rates Ukrainians will die out. According to sociologists, the population of the Chernihiv region is most quicker reduced and in 50 years there already will remain nobody. In 2018 Ukraine was included into the five of the countries with the biggest reduction of the population, it is specified in transfer. So, the population in the country will be reduced to 2050 up to 36,4 million, and in half a century there will be already 28,2 million people. Also it becomes clear what will be in 200 years — Ukrainians will just disappear as the nation.© of AFP 2018/Sergei Supinsky the Robbery in a Kiev way: why Ukraine gets rid of own grazhdanavtor of a special project specify that the recipe of rescue of the nation both is simple, and is difficult at the same time: the authorities of the country have to seek for improvement of affairs in the country for now, according to journalists, each power in Ukraine thinks only of elections honestly. And such rates, authors of the project conclude, through 40 electoral cycles in Ukraine just there will be no voter left. According to official data, from 1993 to 2017 the population of Ukraine was reduced from 52,2 to 42,2 million people, and these figures consider return of the Crimea to structure of Russia (with actually disappeared self-proclaimed republics of clarity isn't present). The statistics claims that the number of residents of Ukraine is reduced by one million people in five-six years. At the same time in the country there was a bad ratio of mortality and birth rate: on 100 dead — 61 been born.



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