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The State Duma has urged Kiev to be responsible for water blockade of the Crimea - RIA Novosti, 9/14/2018

SIMFEROPOL, 14 Sep – RIA Novosti. The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mikhail Sheremet has urged the Kiev authorities to stop cynical statements on the status of the Crimea and to be responsible under all international laws for water blockade of the peninsula.© of AP Photo/Ronald Zak Klimkin has accused Moscow of lack of supply of water from Ukraine in Krymraney the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin has said that Kiev will never sign the contract for delivery of water on the peninsula which will have the Russian accessory. The Oppositional Block party has urged to stop "genocide which violates the rights of Crimeans" and to dismiss Klimkin. After that Klimkin has accused Russia that it has deprived the Crimea of water supply, "by force having cut off the Crimea from Ukraine". "I don't know, than this statement of Klimkin is dictated, can some dangerous disease connected with memory loss. The Kiev authorities very quickly forget about those blockade which they have made, and provocations concerning the Crimea. It is time for them to stop making cynical statements to Crimeans, and having taken courage what personally I doubt, to be responsible under all international laws for water blockade of the peninsula" — Sheremet.© RIA Novosti / Sergey Malgavko has told RIA Novosti "Have considered it unnecessary": in Ukraine have told why Kiev didn't fight for Krympo to his words, water blockade of the Crimea is scandalous international crime which escapes punishment to the Kiev mode more than four years. "Time to be responsible for this crime in relation to the Crimean people has come" — Sheremet has emphasized. Ukraine provided up to 85% of needs of the Crimea for fresh water through the North Crimean Canal going from Dnieper. This water was used for watering about 140 thousand hectares of farmlands. After reunion of the Crimea with Russia water supply on the channel to the republic was completely stopped. The most great difficulties have arisen at landowners in the north of the Crimea with which it was necessary to pass to cultivation of less moisture capacious cultures and also in east part of the peninsula. Partially the problem managed to be solved after transfer of water from the Biyuk-Karasu River to the North Crimean Canal and drillings of new artesian wells. In more detail about news of the Crimea — on>>



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