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The State Duma has responded to charges of the USA about allegedly destabilization of a situation in Ukraine - RIA Novosti, 9/4/2018

MOSCOW, 4 Sep — RIA Novosti. Russia is interested in stabilization of a situation in Ukraine, the USA constantly tries to slander and compromise the Russian Federation to keep the next sanctions, the member of the committee of the State Duma on the international affairs Anton of Морозов.CC BY 4.0 / Administration of the President of Ukraine / Poroshenko considers has said that Russia has already begun "to interfere" with elections on Ukraineraney the head of the national intelligence of the USA Dan Coates has accused Russia of attempts of destabilization of the Ukrainian government in anticipation of elections of 2019, including of the military pressure and murders. In the spring in Ukraine there will take place presidential elections, and in the fall parliamentary. Coates earlier more than once sharply spoke policy of Russia, accusing her not only of intervention in presidential elections in the USA in 2016 and a number of elections in Europe, but also in attempts of intervention in the congressional elections which are coming in November. "They constantly try to slander, compromise somehow Russia to introduce the next illegal restrictions, which purposes, generally control of Russia and prevention of rapid economic development of Russia and also political influence in the world" — Morozov has told RIA Novosti. "It would be very interesting to look at the evidence which will be produced by the National intelligence of the USA or at least some reference points because, frankly speaking, these groundless statements and quite ridiculous charges to Russia are taken already not really seriously" — the deputy has emphasized. © the Ukrainian media have told AFP 2018/Sergei Supinsky about Poroshenko's plans to transfer выборыПо him to words, Russia was initially unprofitable to destabilize a situation in Ukraine as this country is for the Russian Federation a neighbor and very close partner and in the economic plan, and in respect of family relations. "We the whole country very deeply empathize that tragedy connected with the civil conflict which happens in Ukraine. Therefore there is no more interested country in the world in that the situation in Ukraine has been stabilized, and really public authority which thinks of the interests of the citizens has been chosen, but isn't guided by the interests of the transatlantic states" — the parliamentarian has added. Russia repeatedly rejected charges of attempts to influence elections in the different countries, and the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov called them "absolutely unfounded". The Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, speaking about the Russian intervention in elections in the USA which was allegedly taking place, France and Germany, I emphasized that there are no facts confirming it.



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