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The State Duma has answered a request to specify UK after scandals with social networks - RIA Novosti, 8/15/2018

MOSCOW, 15 Aug – RIA Novosti. The State Duma of the Russian Federation expects that the government will introduce the bill excluding from articles of the Criminal code about extremism punishment for citing scientific, historical and art materials, including audiovisual character this fall, the Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma on information policy, information technologies and communication Leonid Levin.© has said RIA Novosti / Vladimir to Fedorenko to Pass into an image bank the Deputy has commented on a request to amnesty convicts for "likes" the Group company Owning a social network of VKontakte on Wednesday reported that it asks the State Duma to introduce the bill of amnesty of convicts for extremism, dissemination of information and other activity on social networks, including likes, reposts, the publication of images if such actions had no socially dangerous consequences. "Now the State Duma is considered the bill on change of a wording of article 282 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (arousing hatred, or hostility, and is equal humiliation of human dignity – an edition) excluding her excessively repressive bias. Also it is expected that the government will submit for consideration by the State Duma the bill changing an order of application of articles 282 and 148 this fall (violation of the right to freedom of worship and religions – an edition) The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation regarding an exception of punishments for citing scientific, historical and art materials, including audiovisual character" — Levina the press service of committee.© of RIA Novosti RIA Novosti Braga quotes the Internet — mass weapon of citizens. And with him it is necessary to study обращатьсяПолитик has emphasized that at discussion of a question it isn't necessary to be limited only to "a beating on tails", it is necessary to concentrate efforts on improvement of law-enforcement and standard practice that "casual, innocent people didn't suffer in the future from incorrectly passed judgments". "It is important to remind that there is an explanation of the Supreme Court concerning the fact that the fact of the publication, like or a repost in itself isn't offense, and pronouncement of the indictment requires studying of all circumstances of deeds, considering, in particular, a context, form and content. However this explanation, unfortunately, isn't always taken into account in jurisprudence that, certainly, demands adjustment" — Levin has added.



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