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The State Duma commented on a situation with the Saratov minister - RIA Novosti, 12.10.2018

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — RIA Novosti. Statements of the Saratov minister for a living wage in 3,5 thousand rubles are clumsy and shocking attempt to justify the current situation in the country; the official with such beliefs is hardly able to cope with the main task on development of the social sphere, the head of the State Duma Committee on work and a social policy Yaroslav Nilov.© of the Photo considers: The ministry of employment, work and migration of the Saratov region the Saratov minister was dismissed after words about a living minimumerane in Youtube there was video on which the dispute of the Minister of Labor, Employment and Migration of the Saratov region Natalya Sokolova and the deputy of regional Duma from the CPRF Nikolay Bondarenko in the building of regional parliament about what sum will be enough for life within a month is imprinted. The official expressed opinion that 3,5 thousand rubles will be quite enough "for the minimum physiological requirements". Later in the press service of the governor of the region RIA Novosti reported that Sokolova is dismissed. "If it is attempt to justify the current situation, understanding at the same time that it is abnormal, then attempt extremely ridiculous, clumsy and shocking. We already had governors who suggested people to mushroom, pick berries, and then to realize collected in the markets that "adequately to live". And where now these governors? But if it is sincere beliefs of the regional official, then the official whose main task is development of the social sphere and ensuring social protection of citizens, with such internal beliefs is hardly able to cope with it" — his press service quotes Nilov. He explained that the living wage pays off proceeding from the cost of a consumer basket. At the same time its half is the cost of products which set is fixed legislatively, the remained 50% share equally between nonfoods and services. Such structure and the maintenance of a basket does not change many years, the deputy emphasized, however the government instead of introduction of necessary changes "froze" everything, as for a consumer basket.© of Fotolia/Tomasz Zajda In the Federation Council called the words of the Saratov minister about a living wage unethical" In our committee regularly the initiatives directed to improvement of current situation are considered. Today already and the government, understanding inevitability and objective need of adjustment for this direction for implementation of theses of the message of the president on fight against poverty and growth of welfare of citizens, created the special working group. Its purpose – to offer the model allowing to reconsider a consumer basket, its contents, to increase cost thereby to raise a living wage and directly the minimum wage rate depending on it" — the parliamentarian noted. Thus, Nilov considers, at the federal level the developed problem is realized, divided and understood, look for solutions. "So why the federal authorities in practice attended to a problem and understand that a living wage, more precisely, a living miserable amount нужн



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